3 of The Most Important Elements In Home Design

When you understand the things that make a house a home, you can turn the walls around you into the dream space you’ve always wanted them to be. From eco-friendly upgrades to soft furnishings and back to plenty of storage, there’s a lot that goes into home design, and you should focus on each and every one. And while most experts will agree that there are seven different elements that inform the way we design an interior, we think the three important elements in home design below are the priority.

3 of The Most Important Elements In Home Design

Table of Contents – 3 of the most important elements in home design


Human beings tend to think in terms of lines, squares, and boxes. If we can separate things into neat and symmetrical sections, we tend to be much happier! That’s why the line element of interior design is so crucial for creating a space you can be proud of. 

The way things interact with each other according to the lines of their edges can make for a very interesting layout. Paintings being opposite to a door frame, for example, or the straight edge of curtains bracketing a window. 

One of the most obvious line elements is your flooring, especially if you go for hardwood or laminate. Buy up some laminate flooring from Mersey Flooring, lay it perpendicular to the window in the room, and you create a neatly lined space that plenty of other elements can thrive in. 


3 of The Most Important Elements In Home Design

Each room needs to have the texture you expect from it. Smooth in the kitchen, fluffy highlights in the bathroom, soft and cosy in the bedroom, etc., are all typical texture choices made in regards to the function of each room. If you don’t have the right texture experience, the room is always going to feel a bit ‘off’ to you. 

For example, if you put carpet in the bathroom, you might end up being quite uncomfortable with bathing and dressing in there! If the water goes all over the floor, it’s going to soak in and start growing mold, rather than evaporate back into the air and be wicked out by the extractor fan. I once lived in a rental that had carpet in the bathrooms and it was such a nightmare. Not only that, but it just felt so off and no matter how much I tried to decorate the space it didn’t feel right or look right either.


Space is possibly the most important element of home design. If you don’t have space, you can’t move around the room, and you certainly can’t enjoy the room you’ve spent all that time putting together! You’ll have nowhere to breathe, nowhere to lounge around, and no extra room to expand your efforts either. 

Make sure you’re never overcrowding a room just to fit a bit more clutter in. You need to have areas of ‘negative’ space to help offset how ‘lived in’ the room is going to become, as well as give you some room to put up a new bookshelf or side table in a few years’ time. 

If you want to put together a home that feels good to you, start with these home design elements. A layout that incorporates them will lead to a good looking and well functioning space, even if you like to change things here and there. 

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