Why Not Indulge A Little This Christmas?

We all know how a little retail therapy can actually work to help us feel a little bit better, or celebrate a year well lived, or generally act as an important declaration of self-love. That makes complete and total sense to the people who are willing to try it.

This is perhaps the part where you’d expect a disclaimer, encouraging you to take stringent care of your finances, to wait two years before purchasing anything you like just to be certain that you need it, or to completely ward off the idea that impulsive buying is good. Here are some ideas on how you make this Christmas a little different. And this year, with us being in the midst of another lockdown and needing to find innovative ways to have fun at home, these ideas might be more welcome than ever.

Of course, everyone has an opinion on these topics. But sometimes, things are simple. It’s Christmas. You’ve worked hard this year. Sometimes, you deserve to treat yourself with something tangible. If you think this is the best way to think also, it can be instructive to consider just what is worth your money in the first place.

This is the real kicker. It’s easy to spend, spend, spend on things that don’t matter. Before you know it, you’ve avocado toasted your way to wasting your entire disposable budget. Finding more expensive but more long-term beneficial elements of indulging can help you to no end, and we’d recommend you find that by thinking in these terms:

Why Not Buy A New Phone?

Why not purchase a new phone? It might be that you can future proof with new models coming soon, as the new iPhone is in development and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is almost here. Pre-emptively looking for mobile plans such as in this Virgin Mobile review can help you choose something that will last, and potentially even save you money. We all know that ‘new mobile’ feeling is a fun one, but this might be joined by a willingness to use the phone more healthily. If you disconnect from a range of social media apps and instead use informative and educational resources to better yourself, you can ignore what celebrity X is doing and instead use this extremely attractive device to do what it was made for – informing you of the culminated knowledge of human civilization. Now that’s treating yourself.

Why Not Try Virtual Reality?

Why not try a virtual reality headset? Cheap options such as the Oculus Go for around $200 (and cheaper in the sales) can help you visit online museums of fine art, help you craft and paint in 3D space, or watch movies in a virtual theatre with your friends abroad. If you’re a tech-lover, having one of these can be the ultimate in recreation. If you’re something of a gamer, upgrading to an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive can potentially help you explore fantasy worlds with real enjoyment, and sometimes that’s all you need to chill out.

Why Not Renovate Your Apartment Or Home?

If technology isn’t your thing, why not renovate your apartment or home this Christmas? This can help you in a plethora of ways, but even organizing your space can help it feel like a new environment.  We are anchored to our homes, so if real life is something that concerns you more, invest in your home, even if that’s a new sofa or only a new set of bedsheets.

With these tips, you’re sure to indulge well this Christmas.


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