Insights into Modern Dating + 3 Date Night Looks with River Island

I remember my last first date as if it were yesterday. It was summer, I was wearing a black and white dress. The top half was white and bottom half from the waist down was black. It was fitted but not too tight and it hugged the curves in all the right places. So it was pretty good as far as date night looks go. Accessories were minimal as the day was a scorcher and jewellery was minimal as well.

To this day any talk of the dress makes my other half beam. It’s been almost 7 years, but he remembers the outfit as if it were yesterday, too. When it comes to dating I’ve always wondered if men even really what we wear.

River Island has been wondering too, so they took it upon themselves to survey 3,000 men for their new “Dates” campaign to find some insights into modern dating. On top of that, I also share with you 3 date night looks that I curated straight from the River Island website.

The answers from the survey are quite varied, but you may be surprised to hear that 79% of men feel that we women are actually testing them on the first date! That’s a whopper of a number, but is it right? Do we test men on the first date? I suppose that they better be sharp as a tack if they want to take us out on date number 2, don’t you think?

Date Night Looks: Racy & Red Hot date night looks

dress / handbag / earrings / necklace / shoes

Red is normally associated with romance and love, which is what you’d think you’d want to exude on date night, right? Well, the reality is that only 44% of those men surveyed are more interested in the conversation than what outfit you may have painstakingly put together for the night.

The plus side is that putting in the effort into finding the perfect dress won’t go unnoticed as nearly half of the men that took part in the survey, 49% to be precise, preferred to see their date in a dress. There may be a bit of an age gap though, as the men on the younger side of the scale (18-24) are more likely to prefer a t-shirt and jeans for their gal pal.

Date Night Looks: Feminine & Flirty

date night looks

jumpsuit / necklace / clutch bag / fishnet tights / earrings / boots

What’s not to love about this feminine and flirty date night look? It’s gorgeous! If you’re having one of those “good outfit, but bad hair” days then not to fret as you have a 50/50 chance of your date even noticing. The question that I’ve been wondering is this – how many men are more interested in what’s underneath than what we wear? Well, there’s an answer for that too. Apparently, only 24% are trying to visualize you naked. Makes me wonder if they were all honest with their answers. It surely must be more than that! Oh, apparently only 9% would notice if your bra was a push-up one. Interesting that they’d be so insightful!

Smart & Sexy

earrings / trousers / top / ring / handbag / boots

If you’re one to pop out on a date after a day at the office, why not va-va-voom it out a bit and up the sexy factor? A ballet crop top gives it the smart and sexy look without looking like you’ve just left a meeting. I happen to love the smart and strong business woman look. Why can’t a woman be business savvy and sexy and the same time?

You might as well embrace the look and not think about sneaking off to the ladies’ room to change your outfit as 47% of the men surveyed would notice it and point it out. Almost a third of them would notice it but in true English form not point it out. But hey, you can take your chances if you wish to as 15% of the men wouldn’t even notice!

What do you think of the findings? Which of are your favourite date night looks?


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