InstaLife Lately | November 2015

Oh, hello there December. Nice to see you! I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe how busy we’ve been around these parts and just how quickly time passes. It is now December, and our November was full of the boring stuff like responsibilities and the like, but as we always do, we managed to inject a little fun and distraction to the humdrum of routine. 
Here are a few snaps from Instagram (where you can follow @mydreamality) if you don’t and also a few more snaps from another outing. 
In late October we made it to Blackpool to check out the Illuminations, and I surprised at how great the atmosphere was! You don’t expect people to be out and about on a cold autumn day, but it was great to see families enjoying the light displays. The first light switch on was in 1879, and is 6 miles long! It’s called the “greatest free light show on earth” and it’s easy to see why! 
I had a “but first lemme take a selfie” moment for no apparent reason. It was Friday, and it was date night and I suppose that is as good a reason as any. We popped into Coco’s Soul Food at if you fancy a mouthwatering review make sure you have a read of the post. Hands down some of the best food I’ve had in England. 
Some days you need a quote, and this one sums up things in a very concise manner. Honesty and kindness is a combination we can seldom achieve, but boy is it perfect when we do. 
The beautiful English trees at the beginning of autumn. I always feel as though I’m in a fairy tale when I walk through tree lined streets. Isn’t it lush?!

Late November we took an impromptu trip down to beautiful London town! We hadn’t been in London in a while, and it was magical to see the shops on Oxford street. We didn’t do much sight seeing as we had kids in tow, but we did manage to see the shops, check out Carnaby street, and also walk past Liberty. 
Another of the places that we managed to go to and our destination for this outing was Hamley’s, which is the largest and oldest toy store in the world! I had honestly never seen anything like it, it was what childhood dreams are made of! Spread out over 6 stories, this toy shop has everything and anything a toy lover wants to see. It has toys, video games, Harry Potter memorabilia, Lego, teddy bears, even a candy shop! 
If you haven’t made your way to Hamley’s I highly recommend you do, if only to go play with the toys as there is so much on display. The staff demonstrates the products, and lets you have a go. It’s brilliant whether you want to take the kids, or are a kid at heart. 

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