3 Interior Decor Styles to Consider in 2020

I recently shared with you how I have moved, again, and am working on decorating my new flat. You can read the new flat update post if you haven’t yet to see more about my dilemma and need for inspiration. Well, today I come to you with a few collections from some fab interiors bloggers that are currently inspiring me to adopt their design style into my new flat. Take a look and why not give me a hand to help me choose from these interior decor styles?

Minimalist Boho

via Girl and the Word

One of my absolute favourite decor inspiration blogs is Girl and the Word. I actually stumbled across Anh’s YouTube channel and have been watching her for a while now. Anh is a Christian Faith blogger, but her interiors is what completely enarmoured me! Her style is simple, neutral, but overall I feel such peace when seeing her home. I can just imagine how Zen it must actually feel to live there.

One of the things that I love about her home is the muted colour palette. I haven’t used a neutral palette before so it’s out of my comfort zone, but I think it can be easily incorporated into my current decor. My favourite part of her interiors is the shade of her wooden floor, it’s lovely and gives it an earthy feel whilst still being light and airy. Anh’s home is definitely a huge inspiration!

You can find Anh here – Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube

Feminine and Pink

via Torunnshome.com

Another interiors style that I absolutely love is a feminine and pink interior. I have quite the collection of saved posts on my Instagram account from different profiles all in this style. I absolutely love the way this is feminine and has pops of pastel pink without being too in your face girly.

Torunn has a lovely home, and her Instagram account boasts over 226K followers, so she is definitely doing something right! Sure, we can’t all swap our furniture overnight, but by adding more feminine features to our soft furnishings and decor we can transform our space little by little. That’s how I plan to achieve this look if it’s what I decide to go for.

Modern Victorian

Modern Victorian style began gaining a lot of traction a couple of years ago. Do you remember seeing velvet pop up on sofas, lamp shades, and other interiors? I do! Modern Victorian is a different vibe from the first minimalist boho look that I shared with you. This decor style is all about maximalism and the richness of jewel toned hues.

It isn’t the easiest style to pull of as most of us are going for the light and airy look and not the dark walls and floors that this look exudes, but it’s still lush and worth a shot.

So, there you have it! Which of these 3 interior decor styles do you like? I am still a bit undecided, but these 3 are the top contenders.

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