Interior design ideas to elevate your kitchen extension

Our kitchens are the heart of the home. They are where we spend most of our time with our family and young children, where we pour our heart into food preparation and where we make memories. That being said, if you live in a house where you’re dealing with a narrow space or just dream of an open-plan kitchen, then perhaps these kitchen extension ideas are for you. 

Table of Contents – Interior design ideas to elevate your kitchen extension

Open-plan layout

Many of us dream of those spacious American kitchens. If that’s you too, then an open-plan space is for you. This is a great way of enjoying the space in your kitchen fully and it can make a huge difference in the space. Of course, you will need a professional to guide you through your kitchen extension projects. There are always building regulations to sort through, and having a pro to help you and guide you from the planning stage to beyond is the wise thing to do.

Whether it means that you want to add a more spacious dining area or want to add a kitchen island, an open plan layout can help you leave the galley kitchen behind and embrace the space that an open-plan layout brings. It will also make your home feel larger, too! 

Let the outdoors in

If you want to have a kitchen that is connected to the outside, taking advantage of ceiling height and adding glass panels can be the dream kitchen extension. This is the perfect type of extension if your kitchen is a terraced house or a Victorian house. By extending the house into the garden space, you will actually get the feeling you gained more space. This type of extension is very visually appealing, especially if you not only add glass doors but a glass roof too! French doors are also a popular choice, as are bi-folding doors. The best kitchen extensions are the ones that allow you to truly make use of the space. 

kitchen extension

Invest in top notch kitchen appliances

If you’re going to be investing in an extension project why not go all the way and invest in the best appliances as well? A kitchen designer can help you choose the best type of appliances for your new kitchen. It’s all about energy efficient smart appliances that can not only make your life easier, but can also look good too! 

Consider white walls with stainless steel kitchen appliances for an even more open and spacious look. Or try and be adventurous by matching your new appliances with dark, rich colours for your splashback or walls. A rich navy blue is not only chic and stylish, but will make everything else just pop! Taking a chance and choosing a different colour than you usually would for your kitchen walls can make a huge difference in elevating your design.

Create an island

Another brilliant kitchen extension idea is to maximise small spaces by making a large island the focal point. This can serve as a breakfast bar, a food prep station, or a perfect place for your children to sit down and do their homework. This is a good idea if your family all tends to spend time together in the kitchen but there is not enough space to comfortably do so. By making this kitchen space a focus you have a great option for your new kitchen extension. 

Extend your living area

We all know the importance of the kitchen, but one of the great kitchen extension ideas is to expand your kitchen layout to fulfill various purposes. By creating different zones in this new great extension you will realise that a small extension has now become a large room, perfect to have a dining room, living room, and kitchen all in one. This allows for modern family activities and gives an airy feel to your space. 

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a kitchen extension then we hope these ideas helped you make the best use of the available space or create additional space that you probably didn’t even know you had. 

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