Is Vaping the Future of Smoking?

More and more people decide to switch to electronic cigarettes. These novel devices have demonstrated their ability to help fight the urge to smoke, offering a much healthier and cheaper alternative to conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are devices that have a rechargeable battery, which feeds a resistance with which a liquid is heated. They can be considered the substitute for the leaves of chopped tobacco. Instead of smoke, when the cigarette is consumed it expels water vapour, which is why it is also called vaping.

Vaping is helpful in breaking the tobacco habit

One of the most difficult habits to leave without any doubt is tobacco. Experts recommend not to start smoking as the main means to avoid falling into it. Unfortunately, the fact is that a significant number of people are habitual smokers. Of these, the vast majority want to quit, although the attempts seem unsuccessful. At least until now, since it seems that finally there is a method that can be effective: the Vaporizer. Electronic cigarettes seem to be effective when smokers use them as an aid to stop smoking.

The Vaporizer – how does it work?

The vaporizer is one of the basic components of the electronic cigarette, responsible for converting flavoured e-liquid into steam. Since the acquisition of an electronic cigarette is a long-term bet, it is advisable to choose a vaporizer that presents an optimal price-quality ratio. The liquid used for vaping can be very different. While there are loads that contain a dose of nicotine in varying amounts, others simply consist of a series of aromas that provide certain flavours. If you want to know how many variants the electronic cigarette can have, check out some vape reviews like what’s the best RDA, best salt nic juice, best vape tanks clearomizer, best pod mods and so on.

How can you quit smoking?

Many people are interested to know if the vaping method is effective to finally abandon the smoking habit and improve their health. Many people find vaping ideal method. There are those who say that they have finally managed to quit smoking thanks to vaping. Using electronic cigarettes is less harmful than smoking tobacco, as it is well known that a cigarette contains thousands of chemicals, some of them with high carcinogenic potential.

Does electronic cigarette ensure better health?

One of the main benefits of vaping is stress control. Those who need to have something in their hands when they are nervous often start smoking to relieve the nerves, and when they don’t do it, it only increases their stress level. Electronic cigarettes help eliminate the problem of abstinence.

Another positive aspect of vaping is the reduction of the risk of catching diseases such as cancer. Vaporizers that don’t contain nicotine help to detoxify the whole body and little by little effects can be felt. Health, in general, is benefited, since the person who quits smoking can better resist physical struggle. In short, vaping fruit liquids can be a great help for many smokers.

Why is vaping different from smoking?

A fact is that portable vapes are much more discreet to use. The steam that they emit is not so odorous or visible, in comparison with the smoke that emerges from a cigarette or pipe. It is also much easier to store it or take it on a trip since there are a large number of compact designs on the market. Also, never again will you worry about finding your lighter because you have lost it or forgotten it.

One more fashion?

Although it is true that steam cigarettes have become widespread in recent years, they were invented more than half a century ago. Maybe they can be classified as a fashion because of the rapid use of it in the last decade. However, many who test them say that they have worked to stop smoking for good. And although it is true that the normal cigarette has changed for the electronic one, the simple fact that substances such as nicotine or tar do not enter the body can be considered positive.

And what about nicotine?

This is one of the most common questions among those who start using electronic cigarettes. To help quit smoking, many e-liquids contain a certain concentration of nicotine. If we want to know which is best for us, we can be guided by these 3 simple rules:

1. For smokers with daily consumption of a pack of cigarettes or more, the recommended concentration of nicotine is 24 mg.
2. If you smoke between ten and twenty cigarettes a day, you should dose 16 mg of nicotine.
3. For those who smoke less than ten cigarettes, 6 mg is enough.

To replace tobacco with the electronic cigarette successfully, administering a certain dose of nicotine will help us to contain the effects of abstinence. Little by little, as the organism gets used to the electronic cigarette, we can reduce the concentration of nicotine until we are totally free of it.

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