Know Your Personality, Understand Your Style

Have you ever decided it’s time to try something different when out shopping for clothes or decor only to find that you suffer buyer’s regret because it’s not “you”? Perhaps you find yourself envying a friend for her daring style choices and wondering why you just can’t bring yourself to emulate her. It all comes down to the link between personality and style

Personality is Personal – Get an Outside Insight

Many of us have difficulty in describing our personalities. After all, you can’t help being biased when considering yourself. Sometimes, we rely on the things other people say about us – but they’re biased one way or or the other too. For an unbiased insight into how to know your personality, nothing beats a personality test. I really like the Myers-Briggs type indicator for this reason. You get allocated one of 16 broad personality types based on the four traits it measures, and it will give you some insights to know your personality that you won’t get elsewhere. 

For instance, a result that classes you as an ESFP personality type tells you that you’re naturally extroverted, like to use the evidence of your senses, are in touch with your emotions and like a little spontaneity.  While this has a lot of really deep implications for you as a person, it also influences the styles you’ll enjoy, the colours you like to wear, and the kind of home decor you’ll enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at the 16 personality types and the styles they’re most at home with.

INFP: Individualistic Style

INFP’s are creative and expressive, and they love ditching the rulebook in favor of their own stand-out styles. Don’t be shy when choosing clothing and decor – keep it individual and unique or you run the risk of becoming bored with your wardrobe and furniture. We are all going through a difficult time at the moment but there is still joy to be found in our individual expression.

INFJ: Understated, Classy and Practical 

As an INFJ you love quality and don’t mind paying for it. At the same time, you don’t like being too “out there.” Opt for classic styles and understated colors – you’ll love mixing, matching, and creating new looks from a careful selection of style basics.

ENFJ: Bold but not Crazy

ENFJs love something a little different from the run of the mill, but they also won’t be comfortable with over-the-top styling. Look out for quirky yet subtle pieces that help you to express yourself without shouting it from the rooftops.

INTJ: Tidy and Practical

INTJs aren’t terribly fussed with styling, but they do like finding something that works for them and are inclined to feel most comfortable with easygoing variations on a simple theme. As an INTJ, you’re most likely to go with practical basics. Vary your look with accessories and enjoy being you.

ENTJ: Dress the Part

You’re very aware of the fact that appearances count, so you’re likely to need a variety of different looks depending on what you need to project in different situations. Think about what these will be before reaching for your pocketbook when out shopping.

ENTP: Fun and Adventurous

You love having fun with fashion. Bright colours, and slightly eccentric looks suit you down to the ground. Cater for your sense of fun even when choosing formalwear. Is everyone wearing black? You’ll be the one stepping out in red!

INTP – Nothing Fussy but Always Neat

You absolutely can’t abide fuss. Frills and fashion quirks will not be in your comfort-zone. Choose basic, clean lines and easy mix and match combos. You’ll be happiest if you can simply reach into your wardrobe, put on the first thing you find, and look fine. 

ESFJ – Smart and Chilled Out

If people exclaim in your appearance, you’re inclined to worry that you’ve overdone it. You like to fit into your surroundings and smartness is in while anything eccentric is right out – unless it’s a fancy-dress party!

ESFP – Out There and Confident

You like to push the boundaries with your style – and if anyone can carry off daring choices with aplomb, it’s you. Go for bright colours and look out for unusual styles that will satisfy your taste for making a statement.

ISFJ – Understated an Appropriate

Standing out from the crowd makes you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. For you, it’s classic choices all the way. If your home or your outfit are to be remembered, you’d like it to be remembered as 100 percent in tune with the surroundings and the occasion.

ISFP – Natural Flair for “Something Different”

If there’s anything that irks you, it’s uniformity. You have a good sense for what looks good and what doesn’t, and you love daring to be different. Go with your gut instead of thinking about what others might want you to do with your look. For you, it’s the only way to go.

ESTJ – Make a Plan and Stick to It

As a natural-born organizer, you like to plan your wardrobe carefully. Chances are, you already know what you’re looking for when you hit the shops for clothes or furniture. Don’t deviate from that – you’ll be less-than-happy with your choices if you do.

ESTP – Confident and Individualistic

Thanks to your self-confidence, you can get away with the occasional style faux pas leaving others wondering if they shouldn’t have followed your example. You like trying a new twist on an accepted style option, so look for stand-out ways to change things up.

ISTJ – Sophisticated and Sleek

If you’re at home in your dressing gown, we can be sure that it’s a really smart dressing gown! Looking good matters to you, and your style preferences will tend towards the sophisticated – even when you’re heading out for a picnic. Don’t be tempted by fads, your natural instincts will always be spot-on.

ISTP – Dress for What You Do

To you, form follows function and choosing clothes and decor will be influenced by this philosophy. Those 6 inch heels are likely to stay in the closet unless you’re attending an evening event without any calls to get up and dance. Think about the things you do, and your ideal style choices will flow naturally from there. 

Of course, there’s tons of variation within each personality type, but perhaps you found your style philosophy captured right here and can even say that you now know your personality. A simple rule of thumb for buying clothes and decor? If in doubt, don’t go there! Even without personality tests, you already know what you like and what works for you. If you choose to experiment, you may happen on something you’ll like – or not. As long as you know you’re taking a chance, the choice remains yours.

Do you know your personality?

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