How To Know Your Sunglasses Have UV Protection

We all wear sunglasses, as they help us to see better in direct sunlight, but they also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not all sunglasses have UV protection, so it is important to find out prior to making a purchase. Here are a few ways that you can check whether or not your sunglasses offer UV protection.

If you have a UV light, shine it on some paper money, which should reveal the hidden information, which will illuminate under the light. Then you shine the light through the sunglasses onto the same money note, and if the symbols are no longer visible, then the sunglasses have UV protection. If you can still see the markings, then they don’t.

If you don’t possess a UV light, you can buy one from an online supplier, as it does come in handy for other things. The best UV protection rating is UV400, so do look for sunglasses with that feature, as they offer the best protection. This is the only way you can carry out a home test, and if you don’t have a UV light, visit your nearest optician and they will tell you if the sunglasses are good enough.

Take the sunglasses to an optician

Any optician can quickly determine whether or not a pair of sunglasses have UV protection. It wouldn’t take the optician more than a few minutes to find out. Many opticians would happily do this free of charge, but it is best to ask before you make the request, just in case.

Purchase from a reputable sunglasses supplier

If for example, you were looking at a pair of sunglasses online and you wanted to know if this polarized sunglasses brand has UV protection, it should be listed in the product description. As a general rule, all sunglasses should have information about both polarization and UV protection, with the highest protection being UV400.

Dark lenses do not necessarily offer UV protection 

Many people mistakenly believe that the darker the lenses, the better. But this is a myth. They might filter out glare and ambient light, but that won’t stop harmful UV rays, so be aware that the colour of the lens is not directly related to UV protection.

The best form of eye protection when in direct sunlight is a pair of polarized sunglasses with UV400 lenses and wraparound style frames, as these will prevent light from entering around the frames. If you would like to view a diverse range of top-quality polarized sunglasses that offer a high level of UV protection, search online for a reputable sunglasses supplier.

Online shopping means big saving and it is more convenient to shop using your digital device at home than it is driving to a shopping mall.


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