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I’m the proud owner of a very long mane. It’s long, but also a bit damaged. It takes hours to wash, dry, and style my hair, not only because of the length, but also because of the texture. I’m always on the look out for a few shortcuts and one of the most recently discovered ones is the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Long Tong.

I have recently fallen for Lee Stafford products, and have been using the Lee Stafford Academy Straightener for straightening my hair and adding loose curls to it for a couple of months. As much as I love using one product for dual purpose I really wanted a product specifically designed for curling my hair and so far the CoCo LoCo Long Tong has become a firm favourite. If you have long hair and are looking to cut your styling time you should definitely keep on reading.

The CoCo LoCo Long Tong is a fantastic addition to my hair care arsenal for a few reasons. It happens to be the most gorgeous shade of pastel pink. It also has a golden barrel and a hot pink on/off button. Aesthetically it’s a very nice styling tool. It is lovely to look at and it’s lovely to display, but aside from its good looks it has some fantastic features that are making it my go to daily styling tool.

CoCo LoCo Long Tong 

Lee Stafford CoCo Loco Long Tong Review

Longer Barrel

Aesthetics are one of the reasons that I love certain beauty and hair products, let’s be honest I’m sure the same happens for you too, but practicality is also a must have. With a barrel that is 40% longer than the average curling tong it’s been so simple to curl my hair. It’s so quick to create looser waves or tighter curls with a simple wrap. And the best thing is that my styling time has been cut in half or even less than due to the amount of hair you can wrap in a single go.

Coconut Oil Infused Barrel

Aside from the longer barrel the best feature the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Long Tong has to offer is it’s namesake feature – coconut! With an infusion of coconut oil right in the barrel the hair tong, as well as the other products in the range, are right bang on trend! Coconut oil is all the range now and it’s not only a trendy product, it’s a beneficial one with many health benefits. In this case the infusion of coconut oil that is on the barrel helps keep your hair soft. I still use heat protection products before I style, but I really have noticed a difference in the softness of my hair after I curl.

Other Features

The hair tong has a hanging loop which can work quite well to hang up your styling tool. It’s not really my favourite feature but it can prove useful to some. What I find very useful is the swivel cord. As with my other Lee Stafford hair tool the length of the cord is absolutely fantastic! I love the length and the swivel cord make it that much more useful tool. The hot pink heat indicator switch gives you a quick on/off function and heats up the barrel to up to 200 C.

The only feature that I am not really impressed by is the safety stand. It’s not that it’s wonky per se, but the it won’t stand up properly. The rotating cool tip may help offset when you set the tool down, so it’s not that much of an inconvenience.

Overall I am really pleased with the gorgeous CoCo LoCo Long Tong and am looking forward to getting my hands on more of the range. As soon as I do I will make sure to share it with you!

Have you tried the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Long Tong?


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