Why You Need a Level 2 Electrician – Reasons to Hire Best ASP on the Central Coast

From the day it was invented, electricity has become an indispensable part of human lives. Electricity seems to be something that drives the world. Even when it isn’t available for just a few seconds, it’s absence can stop everything from operating

That is why engineers and other experts in the field of power supply are working to prevent any possible breakdown. Yet, breakdowns do happen. Even if you have a private power pole, failures can arise when you least expect it. But the cause of the problem isn’t always within your home. 

Very often, the reasons for a short circuit, a power outage, or a voltage drop, can be located on the lines between the street (public) electricity network and your house. It’s clear to you that this is a job for an electrician. But not for any old electrician! 

As seen on www.impactelectrical.com.au, you need (at least) Level 2 electricians, also known as Accredited Service Providers. They are licensed and competent to work within the framework of Australian standards.

What’s Special about Level 2 Electricians?

Licensed Level 2 electricians, just like ordinary ones, are trained to work with electrical networks within houses, anything related to repairs and maintenance. It means they can work as a contractor or an individual, licensed tradesman. So, in terms of some basic skills, ASP electricians don’t differ much from ordinary ones, except they are trained to do the power installation too.

Also, what sets them apart is the ability to work with (or near) electrical service networks and anything between houses and main electrical wiring on the street. These service providers offer a wide variety of services to you, such as high-tech technology, working with other power generating systems like solar or wind-powered, private power pole installation, work with metering equipment, etc.

To get onto this level, the tradesman must own a certificate from a recognized school or institute. This document is issued by the Electrician’s Institute of Australia (EEE), and its proof that ASP is able to do any work related to the electrical network. 

The expertise comes with the practice, but it’s good to know that license holders in Australia must have several years of working experience. So, when you look for an ASP, check whether they have this document or not. That’s a proof they’re not some self-taught tradesmen who don’t work by the rules and standards.

Job Description

Level 2 electricians provide you with all types of services like ‘ordinary’ electricians. Whether you need some serious work on a residential or commercial property or you’re renovating or updating the power network, you can call to hire a level 2 electrician ASAP. 

Some people might hire a Level 2 electrician for some minor power issues that occur once in a while. You might need them to complete a major electrical job such as rewiring the entire home, replacing one part of the home wiring with a new one or installing a new lighting system. 

Even when the problem is around appliances or simpler things like switcher or circuits, it’s impossible to do these jobs without a trained electrician. But you might think of an ordinary electrician for these simpler issues. DIY electrical repairs, as described on this page, are not a good idea.

You could hire an ASP for some major home improvement project. Or whenever the power issue from a public network affects your household.  These tradesmen are trained for more complex jobs, so you could rather use their services for something an ordinary electrician can’t solve.

Private Power Pole Repair and Maintenance

Installing private poles is a common thing for households where the owners want to have complete control over the power supply. In fact, with this system, you get something like a private energy source (which is actually connected to the street network via underground wirings).

Besides the reason already mentioned, another benefit of privately-owned poles is security. Wires leading from the main supply directly to your home often obstruct trees, touch roofs and gutters, etc. With a private power pole, no cables are between the main supply network and your house.

For these reasons, the poles should be placed in a strategic place. Usually this is from where the wires won’t obstruct and touch roads, trees, and walkways. As already explained, only Level 2 electricians can do the job of installing a private pole, and then its maintenance and solving possible breakdowns. The reason for this is their qualifications for working on the street’s electricity network.

Work with Overhead and Underground Conductors

These two types of energy supply to your home have their advantages and disadvantages. You will get the best of them only if you hire ASP electricians for each intervention. These skilled tradesmen have the necessary qualifications to connect and disconnect consumer with the main power supply. They can also upgrade the electrical system within your home (for example, from one to three phases). These can be quite dangerous tasks. So Level 2 electricians need to undergo special training.

Power Metering

reasons to hire a level 2 electrician: electrician working on meter box wires.

It was common practice to hire an expert to measure the house’s electricity consumption. But nowadays many homeowners are opting for electricity meters. These are devices that measure the amount of electricity used in a property. It can also be installed for a single appliance. 

One of the most common advantages of using electricity metering is that it’s less costly than using an electrician to measure your home’s electricity consumption. There are also smart devices providing a more accurate reading. You don’t have to pay for an electrician’s to visit you once in a while. But you can hire an ASP to install, connect, and upgrade metering system. 

Science and technology are advancing. New power sources are continually being found to obtain energy that people will use in their homes. From lighting and heating to running every appliance you use daily, electricity is of utmost importance for every household in Australia. Electricians qualified as accredited service providers are at your service to keep house power network in the best condition. Hire a level 2 electrician today.


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