Liebster Award ♥ Part 2

Howdy lovelies! A few months ago I wrote a Liebster Award post, and I misleadingly labeled it “Part 1”, which would obviously lead you to assume there would be a second part to come. Since then, I went away on vacation, and completely failed to follow up with the second part nominating bloggers that I think were lovely and had under 200 followers. I’ve seen this award circling the blogosphere for years, and have always enjoyed taking part in it, and sharing the love because it gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about the person behind the blog, and will hopefully introduce you to some new reads. 
I was nominated for this award by Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap! and figured I would kill to birds with one stone by not only answering her questions, but also including the nominations I am so late on from the previous post awarded by Danielle at Embrace the Detours
Without further ado, here’s what Sarah wanted to know –
1) What is the most annoying thing you find about blogging? The competition. As much as you don’t want to compete with anyone, you’re always unknowingly in some sort of competition – for jobs, sponsorships, PR campaigns, etc. If you focus on those things you can tend to get really discouraged if you aren’t “up there”. The most annoying thing really is people taking this lovely positive experience to bring other people down, and fight with each other. I’ve mostly seen it with US bloggers, and am really glad that the UK community seems to be just that, a community. 
2) Facebook or Twitter? Mmm … is neither an option. I suppose they each have their perks, but Twitter wins. 
3) What is your favourite drink? Boring alert … my favourite drink is water. Alcoholically speaking, my favourites are pina colada or a Cape Cod (cranberry and vodka).
4) If you had a day to yourself what would you do? Havin a “Me” day as I type this, and so far it’s been a nice lie in, breakfast, blogging, trash tele, and pampering. I plan on adding a quick workout, a nice drink, and some cooking to the mix.  
5) What part of your blog are you most proud of? This is quite a difficult question. I suppose that I’m most proud of the fact that for better or for worse I haven’t compromised my voice, and have continued writing in the style that feels right and honest for me. (Or at least, I’ve really tried)
6) Name 3 people dead or alive you would have dinner with, and why. Hmm … Lord Sugar (to learn some of his business expertise), Jennifer Lawrence (because she’s insanely hilarious), and my Mr. to share in this with me. 
7) What did you want to be as a child? I had many dreams and ambitions, even from an early age, but one that stands out in my memory is wanting to be a voice actress for Disney animated films. Ain’t that adorable?!
8) What is your favourite restaurant? I don’t have one in the UK, but I suppose the more traditional the better as it helps with my entire English experience.
9) Apple or Android? I’m an Apple lady at this point, but still believe Android has a lot of perks. 
10) Tell me about your best holiday? I don’t have a favourite one, as they have all been memorable in their own way. I know this is a quite rubbish answer, but I’ve taken holidays as a single girl that have been memorable, with the OH, as a family, etc. so I truly can’t choose. 
11) What are your hobbies, apart from blogging? Instagramming is a hobby, right? 😉 I read, write, paint, draw, love home decor and design, and that’s all I can think of for now. Oh yeah, I’m an avid film watcher and documentary enthusiast. And I’m a football fan. 
So there you have it guys, a little more about me. Now, I want to know a little more about you. I nominate any of you who want to take part, and want you to share 11 random facts about you.