Life Update ♥

I haven’t written a life update post in quite a while, and let’s face it, when I have it’s been quite vague. You know, bullshit about life being busy (which it is), and a whole lot of other life updates that haven’t been very updating. In my vagueness I have alluded to many life changes that would be taking place soon, and I’m sure if you’re my loyal internet friends you might have been quite intrigued to know what life was going to bring my way. After all, in all the vagueness I made it sound quite exciting. 
Yes my friends, we had quite a few life plans in the works for 2015. Plans that involved life adventures, a change of location, and a whole heap of positive upheaval. From career changes, to starting a brand new expat adventure in a much warmer, and much sunnier place, to a new YouTube channel to document it all. We had plans. Boy, did we have huge plans. 
As you might have guessed it by now, none of those plans, not the one have had the chance to come into fruition. As they very accurately say, shit happens. I’ve been in a bit of a daze, trying to take in and process the quite sudden change of plans. Through all the emotions, and confusion you find that sometimes you just have to bloom where you are planted as you were planted there, and at that time, for a reason. 
Long story short, as a couple we have mourned the life changes, accepted the challenge, and have come out the other side a much more united front. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and as cliche as many quotes, proverbs, and words might sound, you have to have something to hold onto at times. Something that gives you that extra ounce of courage, and patience, and understanding to truly accept and play the cards that you have been dealt. After all, the only thing you really have no say in is death, and until that sucker comes knocking on the door then you just have to get up and get on with it. 
So, what does this mean for this space? Nothing really.
It means that I will still be here in the same place writing about my adventures and misadventures as an expat in the UK. It also means that the new channel that we were hoping to launch about our Euro advenures, will now be an exension of this blog – a channel to document my UK adventures, as it seems that those advenures here are by no means over. 
It means more blog designing taking place, as I’m opening up shop for summer! It means the little business that I was working on will now have to also have the plans scrunched up and tossed in the bin. Phew, it means quite a lot more things than that too. 
Oh, if that wasn’t enough, it means house hunting as part of the upheaval process meant terminating our current tenancy, and it just happens to be an irreversible change. Oh life, you’re a right moody bitch sometimes, aren’t you? 
No though worries – challenge accepted.