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I used to take part in a link up ages ago that has appeared to become extinct. I loved it so much that I have decided to bring the series back on my blog as a weekly round up and a way to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of the week. So, without further ado, welcome to the like love loathe weekly round up.


I am so fed up with winter and because of that I look for glimpses of colour and spring everywhere I go. One of the things that is making me swoon are all the beauty launches that promise an injection of colour into our otherwise quite dreary and grey days. I am currently looking forward to new releases by Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Clarins, and Lancome.  I am also exceptionally excited about the recent launch of the Beauty and the Beast collection. But I need to find out how to get my pretty little hands on it! I am quite desperate as it’s gorgeous!

One of my favourite blogger beauty babes Leah from LeahXL is having a giveaway on her IG of a nail polish/lippy duo. Check out Leah’s Instagram for the details.

Love on Like Love Loathe

I am loving that the days are just that little bit longer to make a difference to your day and personally, to my mood. I suffered quite a lot this winter with depression due to the seasons and the hope of spring as well as that extra light is making an immense difference to me. I am also loving that my significant other is having a milestone birthday this month.

It’s quite exciting and even though we will now be in a different age decade I kinda like that. I’m quite looking forward to planning something special for us and as the travel aficionados we are a nice getaway is definitely in order.


They say that when it rains it pours. That doesn’t only ring true because I live in the North West of England, but because when one thing goes bad it seems to all spiral out of control. This week I am hugely loathing all things tech. Don’t get me wrong I love technology, but when it all seems to go down at once, well, that is not a good thing. Imagine dealing with an eBay purchase that has decided to become possessed within the first few days of it’s life with you? My “new to me” Blackberry Z10 decided to do just that. Ok, I can deal with the possession of it and the switching on and off at the most random of times.

Except I can’t ….

I rely on my mobile and part of me really hates that. I need it to navigate, work, and well, social media it up.

The backup option is my other half’s phone. Phew, thank goodness there’s a backup option … until there isn’t one. As if by a twist of fate we are now the family cursed by their mobile devices. There’s nothing worse than plugging in your phone to charge and realising that the charging port is gone. Kaput! Gone! No explanation in sight.

So once again I revert to eBay (stupidly enough) and think that I know what I am doing when I purchase a wireless charging kit. Which only gives the illusion of charging your device wireless. After all, it is from China and only “works” if the adapter that makes your phone wireless is connected to the charging port.

Ok, two items down. I am not going to lose my patience …

Until I come home and find out that the broadband and landline are down. Now we are definitely entering the frustration zone. I have no access to the outside world whatsoever, which would not normally be so bad. Except that there is a teenager in the house who is in the middle of an “epic” Xbox game and is now huffing and puffing and bitching and moaning.

Let’s just say that I turned into the evil stepmother we’ve all read about in children’s books. There comes a point where something’s gotta give. Whatever happened to quality family time, and reading, and board games?

After a small family battle, the dust settled and game night was in the cards for the rest of the evening.

I am happy to say to you that it all seems to have been sorted out by now. New mobile phones were in order, and all is back to what I will call the new normal in our technologically obsessed world. I suppose what really bothered me is to the see the reliance we all have on the internet. It’s ridiculous. I’ll spare you the whole “when I was a kid” spiel, but really, when I was a kid this was unheard of. My opinions on that are another story for another day. For now, we live to see another day where we are all connected to the outside world whilst living in our own little bubbles.

What has been on your like love loathe list this week? Do share in the comments below.


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