Lip Plumping Secrets to the Perfect Pout

In recent years, bigger, fuller lips have been the top of the beauty must have list. It’s no secret that a little cosmetic help through fillers and other lip enhancement procedures can help people to perfect their pout. However not everyone can afford to invest in these types of procedures. So, what can you do to achieve fuller lips without turning to cosmetic treatments? Let’s discover some of the most popular lip plumping secrets and methods.  

Makeup Magic

For a temporary lip fix, applying a generous coat of lip products by using this lip contouring trick can help you to get the pout that dreams are made of. Start with a light exfoliating treatment. A lip scrub is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow and make your lips appear instantly thicker and fuller. Then, move on to apply a solid base of a hydrating lip balm. Leave this to soak in for about 5 minutes to establish a sturdy layer of product. Depending on your makeup look you might also want to prime your lips with a light layer of concealer or foundation.

Next, apply a lip liner that is a couple of shades darker than your natural colour to outline and fill your lips creating a realistic and rich effect. Then, apply a generous layer of lipstick in a light nude or pale pink for maximum effect. Darker colours can flatten the appearance of your mouth whereas lighter colours reflect the light and draw attention to your pout. Finish with a slick of your favourite gloss and apply a small dusting of highlighter on your cupid’s bow for maximum effect.

Super Serums

Lip enhancing serums are the products that everyone is talking about. These anti-aging lip treatments can deliver definition to your lip line and boost hydration to enhance volume. By pairing the power of science and nature, balms enriched with botanical extracts such as Xlash lip plumping serum can soothe and smooth your lips while enhancing your pout. Keeping your lips nourished, hydrated and glossy can instantly add volume by boosting blood flow and filling in any small cracks.

Perfecting a bee-stung pout is often a case of finding high quality and effective products that contain innovative ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that prevents the lips from drying and promotes strong and health lips. Serums can restore the youthful appearance of lip tissue and even reduce wrinkles with regular use and so can quickly become an effective step in your beauty regime. Cracked lips can also be addressed through use of serums by improving elasticity after exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Home Remedies

Natural remedies and alternative methods of increasing the size of your lips can often have impressive results. Start with basic lip calisthenics. Whistling is a unique facial exercise that can engage your lip muscles and increase their volume. Although any dramatic, immediate changes are unlikely, whistling scales and tunes can certainly encourage a plumper pout. Puckering and pursing your lips for 10-15 seconds can also help to promote blood flow.

There are also a wide range of items from around the house that you can use to try to achieve larger lips. Rubbing an ice cube on your pout can help to soothe the lips, increase blood flow and encourage redness. Some people also like to use essential oils such as coconut, orange, or peppermint to create a unique lip massage treatment. Furthermore, honey, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, can also be applied as a gentle and natural lip mask. 

The not so secret lip plumping secrets is lip fillers. Although more permanent solutions such as lip fillers are rising in popularity, it is important to remember that there are alternative ways to perfect your pout. In your quest for bigger, fuller and softer lips remember to always do as much research as you can before trying any natural or alternative remedies. For more cosmetic tips and tricks, check out this handy makeup guide for people with pale skin.

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