Why Locally Themed Online Dating Sites are the Way to Go


The online dating world is saturated with different types of sites and apps offering you the best way to meet someone. Are apps the way to go to find love or are your chances of finding the one better when you go the “old-fashioned” route of using a dating website? Whilst there are benefits to both I’m sure it may not always be so clear-cut. I think local dating sites, i.e. locally themed online dating sites – are the way to go, and here’s why.

Local Dating Sites are not Only for Serious Relationships

There seems to be a misconception that dating websites, and by that I mean those that don’t have an app, are only for those people that are ready to jump from single to married in record time. That’s not necessarily true. Like, that’s not true at all! Whilst it’s true in my experiences and the experience of those around me it is true that some people use dating sites as opposed to apps for a more serious search, it isn’t necessarily exclusive. Local websites can be available for anything from naughty dating to dating for those over 50 – it all depends on what your needs are.

Local Dating Sites Come With Fewer Distractions

The more the merrier is a good rule to follow for a lot of things in life. The dating pool, not so much. If I were single now I’d find that it would be overwhelming to narrow down those people I liked from those that I didn’t like so much. If you’re presented with what’s seemingly a tonne of options it can be quite overwhelming. From swiping left to swiping right it just doesn’t seem organised enough for a type A personality like me.

Another thing that makes me quite grateful to not have to be in the dating game during this day and age is that I just can’t see myself really taking it seriously if I am sitting with my friends and swiping as a group. There’s too much modernity involved and not a lot of privacy when it comes to dating apps, in my opinion.

Are They Really Local?

The thing about dating apps is that there seems to be quite a sense of urgency about them. Imagine this scenario – a seemingly compatible and attractive person pops up on your radar. They are available to meet up for the next 10 hours as they are only passing through. You really want to meet up but are busy, on another date, or otherwise engage. What do you do? You can’t do anything about really, other than trying to plan for another day.

The thing is, even if the person isn’t local, they will appear as local since they are technically local for the day. Confusing, isn’t it? Local dating websites are actually used by locals that live and work in your city. From single women in Portsmouth to those looking for a Derbyshire dating site finding someone who is truly local, if that’s what you’re looking for, is so much easier with a dedicated site.

The Cultural Aspect

It’s all Britain, innit? It may seem daft to even say it, but there can be a divide between let’s say, Tayside dating sites and Devon dating sitesif you’re looking for someone that’s part of your local community a local dating site is definitely the way to go!


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