The 5 Best Locations for Sailing Holidays in the World

Best Locations For Sailing Holidays

Getting out onto the open ocean is the perfect way to spend a relaxing week away. The views are wonderful and there’s nowhere where you can get as much peace and quiet as you can on the ocean. Whether you’re a veteran sailor looking for some new places to explore, or you’re a first timer, these are some of the best locations for sailing holidays in the world.


Best Locations For Sailing Holidays Corfu

This picturesque island off the coast of Greece is a popular destination for sailors the world over. The shoreline is packed full of loads of great resorts that you can stay and the beaches are well worth a visit while you’re there. If you don’t want to go for the typical resort holiday then you can easily stay in private corfu luxury villas. This will give you the feeling that you are in a home away from home and make your Corfu holiday that much more indulgent. 

The island has a rich cultural heritage that can still be seen in the form of the Venetian fortresses, stunning palaces, and the French style arcade. You can take all of this in before setting sail in the beautiful waters around the island. If you’re a brand new sailor, or you just want to improve your skills, there’s a great sailing school that you can go to.


Best Locations For Sailing Holidays Dubai

If it’s a luxury sailing experience that you’re after then look no further than Dubai. Famous for its huge number of incredibly rich citizens and the lavish hotels and restaurants that cover the island, it’s also a great sailing destination. You can rent a yacht in Dubai so if you haven’t got a boat of your own, or you just want something a little more flash, you can really immerse yourself in the Dubai lifestyle. While you’re there, it’s also worth stopping by some of the famous gold markets and seeing the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.


Best Locations For Sailing Holidays Dubai

Flotilla sailing in France makes for a great holiday aimed at intermediate sailors. You can take some great trips without a strict guide, but you’ll be traveling as part of a group of vessels. This is a good midpoint because it allows you to maintain control of your boat but it gives you a safety net if you aren’t confident enough to go out on your own. France has plenty of amazing destinations to visit along the way like Saint Tropez or Cannes.



If you’re confident enough to take to the waters without a guide, there are plenty of amazing solo sailing holidays on offer in Sicily. You’ll have to have qualifications to prove that you’re safe enough to be out on your own. The Mediterranean island is packed full of amazing old Greek temples and you can also visit Mount Etna, one of the biggest volcanoes in the entire continent. The beaches on the island are also the perfect space to relax if you fancy taking a break from the sailing.



Croatia is probably one of the best places in Europe, and even the world, to go sailing. It 1,246 islands which create so many different routes that you could sail around Croatia numerous times and still find something new every time. Croatia also has lots of amazing national parks that you can visit when you’re on shore.

Pack up the boat and head out to one of these great locations for sailing holidays.

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