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Maple Ridge, a beautiful city located in Canada’s British Columbia, and situated in Greater Vancouver’s north-eastern part is a location of interest in this article. This city’s population in 2016 was put at about 82,256. This number is most certainly sure that have increased beyond this 5 year later.

Maple Ridge will be remembered as the only North American high volume producer of lithium-ion batteries, E-One Moli Energy.  The recession of 2008 resulted in the laying off of most of the workforce. Currently, the city has become a popular location for television series and feature films. This growing popularity has brought about growth in fashion and beauty-related services like microblading, brow tattoos, and others. You can read more on Maple Ridge here.

In this article, we shall be considering microblading and natural brow tattoo.

Microblading process. Beautiful girl lies while permanent makeup master draws eyebrows shape with pencil

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a procedure performed by a beautician that leads to natural-looking, full eyebrows.  A desensitizing cream is applied to numb the brow and tiny entry points or incisions are made in the brow which looks like natural hairs. These entry points are then loaded up with pigments. 

Microblading is generally painless, that is because of the desensitizing cream applied earlier and the tiny entry points cuts of the microblade. Ideally, one should experience little or no bleeding at all. The pigment used is minimal just to allow the color to stay within the little entry points, without bleeding outwardly. 

Microblading blurs over time.  The results can last for 1-2 years.  However, if you want the result to stay longer, you can decide to go for periodic maintenance treatment sessions. If you are in Maple Ridge and want a place to find this service, carry out an online search with the phrase “microblading near me” and you’ll be sure to find some solid suggestions.

Beauty masters hands do permanent natural brow tattoo makeup

Natural Brow Tattoo

Natural or Eyebrow tattoo is actually similar to other tattoos. The tattoo craftsman or artist uses a tattoo needle which is provisioned with ink and connected to a power source. The needle rapidly pierces the skin in a tapping movement while applying ink to the deeper layers of the dermis. 

Tattoo is permanent, despite the fact that tones may blur and lines may obscure after some time. When you have an eyebrow tattoo it’s exceptionally difficult or impossible to erase.

Though they seem the same, Natural brow tattoo and microblading are not the same. While thinking about which is best for you, it’s useful to know the difference between these two eyebrow-improving procedures.


The most obvious is the contrast in life span between the two. Natural tattoos last for a lifetime while microblading last for a year or two.

Eyebrow tattoos are lasting. When the ink is inked onto the skin it is there forever. When you get an eyebrow tattoo, it’s practically permanent except if removed by means of tattoo evacuation procedures.

This is altogether different when compared with microblading. The outcome regularly lasts around a half year to a year or two. Since the color doesn’t go as deep, it blurs as your skin cells undergo their natural regeneration. However, it’s possible to upgrade every year if the patient decides to do so.

This non-permanent nature offers patients the ability to change the look of their temple as patterns and styles change.

Microblading is finished with a hand device that cuts just into the highest layer of the skin. This isn’t just undeniably less excruciating than inking but also poses less harm to the skin and results in a faster recuperation period. Likewise, less shade is required, which keeps the tone from bleeding into nearby skin cells. 

The tattoo is finished with a machine that goes a lot deeper into the skin. This makes tattoos for the most part more difficult and recuperation time longer.


Microblading and Natural Eyebrow Tattooing have their advantages and disadvantages as shown in this article. A close examination of each can help you decide on which is best for you. Upon making this decision, there are several beauticians in Maple Ridge who specialize in Microblading and Natural Eye Tattooing services to choose from. 

When you have decided on one, ask about the previous photos of their clients and be sure you are satisfied before committing to the procedure.

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