The 3 Luxury Cars I Would Drive If Money Were No Object

Two years ago we bought our Fiat 500L and were immediately taken by its size and features. We were looking for a vehicle that was big enough to accommodate our family of 5 and comfortable enough to travel in. Something modern and nice but also practical and on budget. Our Fiat has taken us from London to Edinburgh and even on a road trip through France. It’s even taken us from sea level all the way up and across the Pyrenees! Basically, it’s a good car that has been the perfect fit for us.

Rewind the years and I used to drive a sports car and even though I would rather drive a family car now than drive without my brood the power of the motor, the sleek interiors, and the aerodynamic body of my old car is something that I miss. My old car was all American muscle and it had quite a lot of power. So I can’t help but sometimes wonder what it would be like behind the wheel of a luxury supercar! It doesn’t cost a penny to enter fantasy land like I do when browsing the supercars on the Roman’s International website.

So, if money were no object which of these luxury cars would I want to drive if only for a day?

Mercedes AMG A45

luxury cars: mercedes

The casual vibe of this 5 door hatchback looks like any other car that you may see around our motorways until you look closely. While it is obviously a luxury car it doesn’t look too pretentious. Plus is quite understated with its grey paint and black leather interiors. From the Apple CarPlay feature to the rain sensing wipers this car is all luxury. I wouldn’t mind a long drive across the country in this beauty. Heated seats would just be the perfect companion for our chilly weather and would make being stuck in traffic a bit more bearable. At only £42K it’s on the “affordable” spectrum of luxury cars. This could be my day to day to day drive, don’t you think?

Range Rover 5.0 SVAutobiography Dynamic

luxury cars: black Range rover
For those days where I wish I was the newest member of the Kardashian clan (Kaya has a ring to it doesn’t it?), this would be my go to ride. Big enough to house my kids’ car seats and cool enough where our 13-year-old wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in it. Of course, there’s also room for the Hubby! The privacy tint makes you wonder who is in the car. I’m sure if I drove around Manchester in this other would think that I was a Real Housewife of Cheshire. Maybe … just maybe. I couldn’t find the price of this listed but a comparable Range Rover was a mere £120K!

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

luxury cars

A diva like me needs to have a toy to call her own. As far as luxury cars go, an Aston Martin fits the bill, doesn’t it? In this uniquely orange shade called Cinnabar Orange. I can be the talk of the town and have all eyes on me. Come on now, it’s only 1 of 99 worldwide and is just as unique as me. I can see myself behind the wheel of this now. Price tag? Does that even matter? I have people for that! (But the £795K price tag quickly brings me down to earth!)

Well, a girl can dream can’t she? For now, I’m still the owner of a Fiat and that’s perfectly fine by me!


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