Luxury Vinyl Flooring For All Seasons

When choosing fixtures that are as permanent as flooring for your home, it is important to acknowledge that the environment of the room or purpose of the room may change over time, that’s without considering the changing of seasons too. Luckily, there are a variety of luxury vinyl flooring styles and colours to choose from which will come in handy in the shopping process, let us explore them. 

Scandinavian themes

For this cool toned, minimalistic style it requires the impression of more light than what exists during the daylight hours. Pastel colours can come into play here as they work brilliantly with the standard washed out look which is necessary to establish this theme. 

Just an illusion

Maybe you just got your first home and it’s a little smaller than you’d like, or you’ve moved in a finally unpacked and suddenly you can barely see your floor. Here we have 2 common problems which have the same simple solution. 

The answer is wide planks and neutral colours. Dark colours will only make the room seem claustrophobic so neutral colours will retain a sense of ambience but not allow you to feel trapped

Warming tones

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to keep cosiness in, honey or golden toned oak is high on the style list for this season. The brilliance of vinyl flooring is that you can get so much detail into one plank that it’s totally unrecognisable from the real thing. Warm oak flooring will make any home inviting and cosy.

Sandy shades

As an island country, British homes love anything that reminds them of the great outdoors. However, to keep things toasty during the winter months but retain elements of nature, opt for beige wooden flooring that has a stripped effect. This way the flooring is more inviting that a washed out white but still contains beach styled reminders within its details. 

Discover the world of luxury vinyl flooring

Now you have some idea of how to select the optimum flooring for your home and needs, you just need to start looking. Amtico has options for modern or traditional home, if you want to refine your interior or just make your home more easily functional. Luxurious pattern options are available throughout the ranges with Luvanto. You can try parquet or herringbone patterns and play around with borders. Make your flooring flourish with luxury vinyl flooring. 


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