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Creating a space for things you are passionate about within your home setting is among the top choices for change in 2022.

It could be because your young twenty-somethings have finally moved out of the house, maybe you decluttered that spare room or you have cleared out a shed space to have your place to work on your passions. No matter what reason you have, the central idea is to focus a part of your home on yourself.


The pandemic brought out a lot of inner artistry for people whilst being cooped up in the home.

Many people looked to incorporate home studio space to have a space to feed their passions, no matter if they are an aspiring singer, an editor of video or a painter or photographer. The ability to have that space at home gives a lot of comfort to the home and heightened productivity if you have the dedicated space for it.

For these areas, people look to soundproof the walls and floors and look to flooring alternatives such as luxury vinyl flooring – providing great soundproofing and comfort whilst eliminating those floorboard creaks that ruin the quiet.

Home Cinema 

If movies and TV shows are your things and you cannot relax in a busy living room environment, then you may want to put a home cinema system within their home.

A room dedicated to your love of Netflix bingeing and catching up with movies, a home cinema room brings something special when you install your surround sound and dig out the treats. Vinyl flooring also can prevent that booming sound through the floorboards to anyone enjoying relaxing time downstairs.

Unlike a real cinema, you won’t be leaving a lasting stain on the floor due to its anti-stain properties. Cleaning up after the movie is over won’t require a waiting time until your next movie starts – just a quick sweep and mop and you are good for your next movie night in.

Home Gym

Personal fitness at home became a huge area whilst the local gyms were closed, so many people chose to install gym and yoga spaces within their house to avoid missing the workouts.

By installing heavy gym equipment and workout mats, you need a durable floor to handle the weight and various movement activities. That makes luxury vinyl flooring the perfect choice as damage to the planks or tiles by weight and temperatures are safeguarded against and will not cause the flooring sections to rise.When it comes to your new home passion area plans to best utilise your space and lifestyle, luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks help to keep your focus in an area of comfort and style.

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