13 Super Useful MacBook Accessories You Should Buy

On its own, a MacBook is a pretty complete device, but there are accessories that get the most out of it. Here is a list of must-have useful MacBook accessories to consider.

Did you know that 100 million Macs are in use? If you have one, consider getting some accessories.

Are you wondering what the most useful MacBook accessories are? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over must-have accessories for your device.

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1. Twelve South Curve Stand

When you use a laptop, you can strain your shoulders and necks when gazing down at the screen. Get a stand to help reduce this tension.

The Twelve South Curve stand will help you avoid that problem. This tool can also improve your productivity at work.

You can line up your laptop with other monitors at your desk. This will create a level workstation, so it’s easy to glance from one screen to the other.

The stand’s designed to keep an even airflow, and your MacBook will remain cool. The stand will also hold your MacBook in place. This is an accessory you won’t want to forget.

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

If you need to transfer data from computers or devices, consider getting this flash drive. This non-expensive thumb drive will plug into your MacBook. This is a fast and portable storage option.

3. AirPods Pro 

With fitted ear tips and active noise cancellation, you’ll get a strong sound quality. These are one of the most popular MacBook pro accessories. If you want to listen to a podcast or a song, choose these. 

If someone comes up to you to chat, you can switch your pods to transparency mode. This will allow you to hear them without removing the AirPods. 

4. LaCie 2TB Mobile External Hard Drive

Some people like to use their MacBook to create music or videos. Those files take up a large amount of storage because of their size. You can avoid bogging down your MacBook by getting an external hard drive. 

This will give you a large amount of extra storage in a portable unit. All your music or videos will remain in one safe spot, and you won’t slow your computer down. 

5. Nomad Kevlar Lightning Cable

If you’re looking for a topnotch charging cable, consider getting this one for your MacBook Pro. It will outlast the lifespan of your laptop.

These cables have a Kevlar shielding, making it one of the most durable cables. It’s five feet long. You’ll have a lot of flexibility when you need to transfer data or charge your device.

6. PowerDrive Speed+ Duo Car Charger

Have you ever headed to an event only to find out your laptop battery’s almost dead? Were you too busy that morning and didn’t get a chance to charge your MacBook Pro?

No worries! With this accessory, you can make sure your laptop gets charged while you’re in the car. This charging tool will save you from arriving with a dead laptop.

7. Choetech USB-C to HDMI Cable

If you want more connectivity options, look into getting a converter cable. You can try out an HDMI cable or Choetech USB-C.

HDMI ports are a great option because you can connect your MacBook to any TV or monitor with an HDMI port. Turn your television into a Smart one with a Choetech USB-C.

This is a great accessory to have if you’re traveling a lot and stay at hotels.

8. Mophie Powerstation AC External Battery

Avoid a dead battery by getting the Morphie Powerstation battery pack. You’ll get extra battery life that you help you during a busy schedule.

You can charge two devices and your MacBook at the same time. Once charged, your MacBook will have up to 15 hours of battery life.

9. Logitech K780 Keyboard

If you’d like a different option from the keyboard on MacBook Pros, consider getting a Logitech K780. You will be able to type in a more comfortable manner. This keyboard’s quiet and also has a number pad for quick calculations.

10. Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable

Charge your phone and other devices with the Anker USB-C to lighting cable. Anker provides customers with a lifetime guarantee with this product. This way, you can keep all your different devices charged.

11. MOSISO Macbook Pro 13 Inch Case

Keep your MacBook Pro safe with this lightweight and sturdy case. This case will protect your Mac from the outside world.

The case features a smart heat dispersion system. This will keep promote better airflow and keep your laptop cool. There are 10 different color options.

12. Ultra-Thin Metal Magnet Web Camera Cover

When it comes to privacy, you can never be too careful. Consider getting this slide-on camera cover. This will fit all MacBook Pro models, and it comes with a swipe cover.

You can use this to uncover or cover your webcam whenever you want. This ultra-thin design won’t interfere with the look of your Mac. Every set comes with three camera covers.

13. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Get a sleep laptop mouse called the Apple Magic Mouse. You can get this in space gray or silver, and the mouse is 100% rechargeable. You won’t have to worry about needing to buy new batteries.

The design is lightweight, making it easy to scroll and click. Learn more about different mouses at https://setapp.com/lifestyle/the-best-wireless-mouse-for-mac.

Now You Know More About MacBook Accessories

We hope you found this guide on useful MacBook accessories helpful. Consider the top items that would make your life easier.

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