Tips for Buying Vintage Gold Rings

Tips for Buying Vintage Gold Rings

If you are an avid collector of fine antique and vintage jewellery, you will no doubt have a few gold rings in your jewellery collection. Of course, gold rings come in all shapes and sizes and in this article, we offer information on common characteristics of vintage gold rings to help you when buying.

Table of Contents – Characteristics of Vintage Gold Rings

Natural Designs

Many fine vintage diamond engagement rings depict natural features. Among natural designs are petals, leaves and butterflies adorned with coloured gemstones.

Range Of Gold Finishes

There are numerous finishes with gold ring jewellery and here are a few:

  • Milgrain – A tiny row of beads commonly found with vintage gold rings, which make excellent decorative edges, merging different materials.
  • Filigree – This is formed with intricate shaped wiring; curves and patterns are created with hand tools, which look really elegant.
  • Smooth & Shiny – Of course, gold can be made to a smooth and shiny finish; take Victorian buckle belts as a classic example, in gold or silver (or both).


Of course, any gold jewellery should have hallmarks to denote the purity. Whether 24k, 18k, 14k or 9k gold, the stamp should tell you the purity of the gold in your jewellery. If you have antique or vintage gold rings and would like to know the meaning of the stamps, take it to an established antique dealer, who can appraise the piece. Marks can also tell you who made the piece as well as the location where the jewellery was created.

Tips for Buying Vintage Gold Rings

Pave Diamonds

You frequently see vintage gold rings with small diamonds inset into the band; for the best selection of vintage gold rings, you may want to check out Kalmar Antiques variety of antique rings for sale or Google a leading antique dealer near you. Whether you’re looking for a stunning Art Deco diamond engagement ring or a vintage gold wedding band, the antique dealer has you covered. Authentic antique and vintage jewellery make for a wise long-term investment and what’s more, you can wear the asset.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Tips for Buying Vintage Gold Rings

Who wouldn’t love to be presented with a fabulous solitaire diamond engagement ring? There are some stunning examples available online and as the slogan goes, ‘diamonds are forever’. Many women prefer vintage diamond engagement rings to a new creation, as the vintage piece has a history, and in case you didn’t know, many family heirlooms are diamond engagement rings.

Buying Tips

If you wish to acquire vintage gold jewellery, the best place to look is the website of an online antique dealer; the dealer would have a reputation to uphold and would never sell an inferior or replica piece. Indeed, the antique dealer would probably know the history of the piece you are interested in. Do not confuse vintage gold jewellery with jewellery that is sold for its gold scrap value; generally, non-descript 9k gold jewellery is sold for scrap and the precious metal is melted down and recast.

The current fashion is for matching gold wedding bands and when looking for such items, the online antique dealer is the person to contact.

In conclusion

If you are looking to invest in vintage gold rings we hope that these main characteristics of vintage gold rings helps you find the best rings for your collection.

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