Make Gardening Easier for Yourself in the Winter

When we think of gardening and keeping our backyard up to scratch, we generally think of the summer months. Sure, you may use your garden more frequently in the summer – it’s warmer and you’re more likely to want to spend time outside. But it’s just as important to maintain things throughout the winter months. Neglecting your outdoor space as soon as the temperature drops and the bad weather sets in may mean you get to stay inside in the warm, but you’ll also find that your garden is a mess in the Spring – and you’ll have a heap of work on your hands to rectify this situation. So, to make things simple, here are a few things you can do to make gardening easier throughout the winter and reduce your workload when you want to start using your garden again!

Consider a Patio

Sure, it’s nice to have a lush green garden in the summer. But it’s definitely high maintenance. When you have a lawn, you have to commit to mowing it on a regular basis and pulling any weeds that come up. This can be hard enough when the weather is warm, but when it’s cold and the grass is covered in a layer of frost, it becomes an even less desirable task to undertake.

The good news is that if you have a patio, you can significantly reduce the amount of space you have to maintain in terms of gardening. Make sure your patio is professionally laid to ensure you don’t end up with uneven slabs. You should also use a high quality material like new Indian sandstone.

Use Mulch

If you have flowers and flowerbeds that you want to maintain despite frost and snow, mulch is going to be an absolute essential for you. When there’s bad weather, your flower beds become extremely prone to frost and overwatering, which can freeze or clog roots and cause your plants to die. Mulch provides a simple resolution to this situation. Lay a thick layer of mulch over your flower beds and everything should tide over just fine!

Protect Your More Sensitive Plants

There are certain plants that simply cannot withstand the cold temperatures. To maintain these, you may have to consider hydroponics. Now, we usually associate hydroponics with activities like growing your own tomatoes. But it’s great for any other soft or vulnerable plants you may be growing too! Bring these plants indoors or into a space like a greenhouse and invest in hydroponic equipment. This will give your plants the right conditions to flourish and grow.

These are just a few steps you should seriously consider implementing into your day to day life to ensure your garden not only survives the winter, but thrives in the winter! They’re simple to put into action and they will make a dramatic difference. Then, you can get back to your usual gardening once the weather improves next year!

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