Make Your Bedroom Your Favorite Room

Make your bedroom: large bedroom with dark wood flooring and blue and white bedding.

Your bedroom is always going to be the most personal space in your home. After all, very few people other than you yourself will see it, and you spend almost half of your life sleeping in it! Making your bedroom your favorite room is therefore pretty important if you’re going to enjoy the hours you spend there and here we bring you our expert tips to make sure this space is one that won’t fail to impress and delight you.

Add Statement Art

No bedroom is too small to be enhanced with a beautiful piece of statement art. If you have a large room, you can feel free to take up a whole wall with a dramatic artwork, painting or mural, and even a compact bedroom can benefit from a large wall sculpture or print over the bed to draw the eye and create a focal point.

Choose A Color Scheme

Finding the perfect color to reflect you and to enhance your sleep is essential when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Light colors are often best in a bedroom since it brings an airier and brighter feel to the space, especially if it’s on the smaller side. Monochromatic color schemes work well in all kinds of bedrooms, or an all white room with simple splashes of bright color in the form of accessories or textiles always works well.

A Dramatic Headboard

Whatever type of bed you have, a dramatic headboard can really add some extra flair and personal style to your room. Even if you don’t want a full padded headboard, curtains make a simple yet effective head for your bed and you can easily update them to suit your mood or the season.

Beautiful Bedding

Beautiful layered bedding is key to having a bed that you can’t wait to sleep in. With soft textured sheets, stylish yet cozy comforter and plenty of cushions and pillows, you’ll be wonderfully comfortable every time you lie down.

Lighting Choices

Don’t just rely on a single overhead light fixture to brighten your space. The key to a welcoming bedroom lies in creating the right ambience with light. Add a dimmer switch or choose wall sconces or fairy lights around the space to add mood and atmosphere.

Creative Storage Solutions

Even if you have a small bedroom, storage is very important to the enjoyment of your space. You don’t want a cluttered room with piles of clothes and accessories mounting up on every surface. The key is to invest in some creative storage solutions. Beds which lift up to reveal storage beneath or which have hidden integral drawers are ideal, while lots of hooks and an ottoman could also add some valuable additional space for your essentials.

A Quality Mirror

Everyone needs a good quality mirror in their bedroom. You want to be able to admire yourself in your favorite outfits before you leave the house and, as an added advantage, they make your space feel brighter and larger. If you have a particularly small bedroom, a mirrored closet door or a large wall-size mirror would be highly beneficial. Otherwise, you can make a statement with a dramatic standing cheval mirror or a rustic-style mounted mirror over your vanity table.

A Cozy Rug

There’s nothing quite like getting out of bed in the morning and putting your feet down on a cozy, soft rug. Choose one that complements or contrasts with your color scheme to add a little more character to your space.

The Right Mattress And Bed

Choose the right bed to suit your needs and your space. If you have a very compact room, you may need to choose a standard twin bed, but there’s no need for it to be uncomfortable. Choose a mattress that is perfect for your preferences. Make sure you take the time to try out several different ones so that you know how they feel and whether they’re right for your tastes. If possible, always choose a larger sized bed than you think you’ll need. A single person is always more comfortable in a double bed and a couple should have at least a king-sized bed if they’re going to get the best night’s sleep.  

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