4 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

A good holiday is one of the best ways to relax, but that feeling doesn’t usually last very long once we get back home. If you’re feeling stressed by life but don’t have time for a trip right now, why not bring some of the holiday spirit home? You can make some changes to make your home feel like a luxury hotel.

Smarten up Your Bathroom.

Depending on what kind of budget you have, you can make a few different changes to your bathroom to get that luxury hotel feeling. If you have a bigger budget to play with, change yourold bathroom suite for something more glamorous. A large walk in shower, with glass walls and a rainfall head, or a jacuzzi tub with jets will make you feel like you’re on holiday every time you’re getting ready. If your have a smaller budget, make smaller decor changes. Add a heated towel rail so your towels are warm when you use them. Swap your old towels for fluffy, soft bath sheets. A large, warm towel is always relaxing after a bath. Add some cosy dressing gowns, scented candles and some luxury toiletries and skincare, and even without a new bathroom suite, your bathroom will feel luxurious and chic. 

Make Your Hallway Look Like a Hotel Lobby

Change your hallway decor to be more inspired by a hotel lobby. Buy a gorgeous hall table, and top it with some trendy pieces that attract the eye as soon as anyone comes in. A smart lamp, a beautiful vase of gorgeous smelling flowers, some pretty trays to organise the possessions and keys you usually shed as you come in and some attractive artwork all add great colour and some personality. Hang a large mirror on the wall above the table to reflect light back into the room, which helps to make it feel bigger and more light. Illuminated mirrors are fantastic for doing this. Add large potted plants by the front door to bring in some greenery. 

Invest Some Money in Better Quality Curtains

Curtains in a luxe fabric with a pleasing texture quickly make a room feel chicer and more luxurious. By the highest quality fabrics you can afford and use it to have curtains made to fit your windows, instead of buying ready made ones. Fabrics like silk, damasks and linen all make for chic curtains. Stop outside light from waking you in the night, by hanging blackout curtains in your bedroom to block light.  

Add Mood to Your Rooms with Lighting

Spend some money on an eye-catching light fixture for your ceiling light fittings. Use a dramatic light shade or a stunning chandelier style fitting to hang on high ceiling. This looks particularly good above the dining table, in stairwells or over dramatic furniture pieces. Dimmer switches are a great way to adjust the lighting in a room. Turn it up for a light, bright modern feel, and turn it down for a moodier, more romantic vibe. Lamps on side tables are a good way to create softer lighting, especially spaces you want to feel relaxed, like the sitting room or the bedroom.

What other tips can you think of to make your home feel like a luxury hotel? Share in the comments!

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