Make your living room look bigger with these 4 unique tips

Nobody has a perfect home. You might have the best bedroom that you have ever seen but your bathroom might not be of your taste. You might have a great kitchen but a really small balcony. Your living room will be the area where you entertain most of your guests. You might need to make your living room look bigger and more spacious. Tight space might just make it feel compact. But do not worry, we have some perfect ways to help you make your living room look lighter, brighter, and bigger. We have talked to a ton of interior design experts to come up with some tips to help you with your mission.

Opt for unique textures

It is true that you might want to keep only a few things in your living room in order to have space to move around, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be minimalistic with your style. You can use different things that can help you enhance the light coming into your living room. Using textures that are not too bright can help create space along with a sense of coziness. Rugs made from sheepskin, teak wood pieces, and some velvet cushions on tan-leather couches can bring some warmth into your theme. This will work amazingly with apartments that do not use a lot of stuff.

Use the power of mirrors to your advantage

We all know that mirrors reflect light, but did you know that they can be placed strategically in order to help you make your living room look more spacious? Decorating with mirrors is a great way of making your living room look bigger. Huge mirrored walls can help bounce the light from the windows to almost all areas of your living room. Choose larger mirrors instead of smaller ones to create the illusion of a huge space.

Use neutral colors

Sure, we know that you would love to use some bold colors in your living room so that you can embrace your true style. But the right way of doing this is by using these pops of colors in your furniture and not on your walls. It is true that house painting with lighter colors can help you in making your space look bigger than it already is. It can also help you in changing your theme from time to time without having to repaint the walls. 

Keep refined furniture

If you have any visually heavy furniture that takes up all the visual space in your living room, your best move would be to discard it for some better and more refined furniture. You can remove certain chunky pieces and replace them with light pieces. Things that have thin frames, light and tapered legs, and sleek designs will make your room look bigger than it already is. Try some natural-toned finishes for your furniture such as polished marble, artisan silver leaf, or even soft veneers. 

It is important to know a few tips and tricks that will help you transform your living room into a spacious and airy area. Use this list to help you on your way.

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