Making Christmas Memories – My Colorado Travel Wishlist


This time of the year brings back so many memories. As someone with a nomadic soul, some of my most fond memories are travel memories. Christmas travel memories tend to be even that much more special. Imagine driving alongside the snow-covered Rocky Mountains in Colorado with mountain peaks that gently pierce through the clouds in the sky? Those childhood memories are magical. Now that I’m a (step)parent I think about the importance of making family memories and want the children to have some of the same experiences we had as children. A Christmas in Colorado is one of those memories and one that we can make happen with a Colorado travel wishlist!

I have family in Colorado and staying with family is great but spending our holiday our way is a must! My wishlist includes renting one of the many Colorado luxury homes, taking the kids to play in the snow, and taking a city break in Denver.

Colorado Travel Wishlist

Travelling to Colorado

Getting to Denver from the UK is quite simple. A direct flight from London gets you to Denver in under 10 hours. Though there are many other airports that fly from the UK to Denver, you must be prepared for at least 1 stop and around 11 hours in the air to arrive at the destination. Not too bad considering Colorado is closer to the Pacific than the Atlantic.

Travelling within Colorado

It is said that the size of Colorado from north to south is 280 and 380 from east to west. Depending on your experience with road trips I find it very accessible to take the scenic route and drive within the state at your own pace. With the treacherous weather that one can experience during winter, it may not be the wisest thing to do if you’re inexperienced at driving in the snow. Another fantastic option would be travelling within the state by rail. One can opt for an Amtrak train ride, which is your standard train carrier or maybe go for something a bit off the beaten path and take a ride on one of the historic trains. The winter Polar Express excursion would be my go to!

Colorado Travel Wishlist – Accommodation

Accommodation can be quite a pricey part of travel but I am more and more convinced by the benefit of self-catered accommodation. A hotel can be a great option for a quick stay, but a longer holiday really benefits from staying in a house that can comfortably fit all of the family. My Colorado wishlist would include a beautiful house in a riverside or lakeside location, surrounded by a plethora of pine trees!

The older I get the more I yearn for luxury accommodation on family holidays. Quality family time is so precious and spending the days we are on holiday and away from the grind of daily life is worth every penny! I want an experience that provides 24/7 concierge service to help save me time, don’t you?!

Denver, The Mile High City

Colorado Travel Wishlist – Denver, The Mile High City

Christmas Events

I’ve been to Denver a handful of times, but never as an adult and there’s so much that I want to experience, especially during Christmas. There are many events in and around Denver during the holiday season. Seeing the light show at the Denver Zoo would be an amazing experience, especially with kids in tow. The parade of lights would also be a wonderful event to experience with the kids – floats, lights, and marching bands, what’s not to love?


You can’t have Christmas time without doing some shopping! Cherry Creek Shopping Center is full of luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and I would love to have a nosy around the shops. Denver also has some wonderful boutiques that I would make sure to hit up. All on my own, of course!

I won’t be able to stay away from the family for too long so it’s good to know that there are also family friendly malls and shopping centres. As a mum of girls shopping with the little ones is such a fun experience!

The Colorado Rocky Mountains

The main reason that Colorado during Christmas is on my radar is due to the magnificent snowfall one experiences there during Christmas time. It’s incredible to truly have a white Christmas! I recall the snow being up to knee height, which at 10 years old is quite a lot of snow. I spent that Christmas in the city, and it was magical, but what better than being cuddled up with the snow falling all around at night and exploring the great outdoors during the day.


I may not be a skier, but I would love to visit the ski resorts in Vail. This small town of a little of 5,000 people is a haven for snow sports. Whilst I would prefer to sit on the sidelines and leave the skiing to those who can actually ski I would still consider giving snowboarding a try as a family. We aren’t the most sporty bunch but a private family lesson may be what we would need to up our confidence and really enjoy the snow!

I truly can’t wait to experience a winter wonderland in Colorado as a family. As you can see, there’s so much to love about this American state. It’s not a popular tourist destination, but that makes it a hidden gem. Though it deserves all the attention this outdoor paradise is an undiscovered and unspoiled landscape and maybe we should keep it that way for a little while longer.

Do you have a Colorado travel wishlist?


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