Making the Leap from Glasses to Contact Lenses with Vision Direct

It’s been a little over a decade now that I’ve been wearing glasses daily. I’m quite happy wearing my glasses on most occasions but there are times when my options have been limited to either wearing my glasses and being able to see or taking off my glasses and being stuck with not being able to see anything clearly at a distance. From formal events to days out at the beach, wearing glasses isn’t convenient. That’s precisely why after a lot of contemplation I have made the decision to give myself the option of having contact lenses!

I’ll be frank – I didn’t really know how to go about it. I was worried that it would be an expensive process and wasn’t sure I wanted to go the high street route as I had heard about all the more financially savvy options to buy your contact lenses online. If you wear glasses and are thinking of making the leap to contacts keep reading to find out a bit more about my experience from the ordering process to getting used to wearing contacts.

The Practical Bits

The Ordering Process

When I’m scouring the web for reviews or to get a better idea of whether or not I should try a new shopping approach I always want the details. I really think that they make all the difference! So, what was the ordering process with Vision Direct like? It was super simple.

As this was my first order I expected a little bit of tediousness but was pleasantly surprised to know that all it took was 3 easy steps.

  1. Check your prescription
  2. Choose your usual lenses or the lenses that may have been recommended by your optician
  3. Add them to your basket and check out

The ordering process is simple and self-explanatory. So whether you’re a newbie, like me, or have been wearing contacts for years you can’t go wrong with such a simple ordering process.


One of the attractions of buying online for most of us is the savings you get when you cut the middleman. If you have bought your lenses on the high street or have considered doing so you’ll know that you will need to sign up for direct debits and regular deliveries. One of the perks of buying online is that you will decide when you order and how many to order at a time, which will be perfect for balancing your budget!


Sometimes we may be hesitant to buy essentials online, and contact lenses are quite essential, but with next-day delivery, you won’t be missing out on the joy of seeing properly.

2 packets of disposable contact lenses.

My Experience Wearing Contacts

Putting Them on and Taking Them Off

I’ve been wearing my contacts for a few weeks and it’s been quite an experience. When I first received my package I eagerly opened them and wanted to try them on. I washed my hands thoroughly and went to town. I’m not going to bore you with the details but I may or may not have had to go to the guide to help me put the contact lenses on.

Anyway, once they were in place, and after various attempts, it felt quite natural to be wearing them. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it all felt. Though I’ll say once again, it was a bit of a learning curve. Putting them on and taking them off was so much simpler than I expected.

Cleaning and Storing my Contact Lenses

The cleaning and storing part of my contact lenses is one of the reasons that I was a bit hesitant about wearing contacts in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super hygienic but the fact that maybe I could inadvertently leave traces of dust or whatever it may be on my contact lenses did make me a bit paranoid. Now that I have them I make sure that my hands are clean and dry as well as cleaning and drying my lenses. It’s been so much easier than I expected.

I don’t wear my contacts every day but have been getting in the habit of ensuring that they are clean as soon as I take them off and ready for my next use.

Final Verdict

Aside from the practical bits, I got on quite better than I had expected! My eyes tend to be a bit sensitive and dry out a bit but that happens to me without contacts anyway, so I can’t fault them. I put on my usual eye drops after taking off my contact lenses and felt the soothing effect immediately. I will use my eye drops to put on when my contacts are in to keep my eyes fresh and hydrated.

So, will I give up on my glasses entirely and wear contacts daily? At this point no. As I work on my laptop it is much more comfortable for me overall to just have my glasses on and easily take them off to give my eyes a rest. I’m not saying that I can’t do the same with contacts but it may take me some getting used to. For now, though, I think my glasses will stay with me most of the time, but I will be putting in my contacts when the occasion calls for it. Whether that be for convenience or for aesthetics.

That being said, I think it may just be a matter of time until I shelve my glasses and wear my contacts daily. They say old habits die hard but once I get used to the new routine I’m sure I’ll be a convert!

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