New Hobbies: A Mini Introduction to Cryptography

Cryptography, by definition, is the art of writing or solving codes. In simple terms, it is the process of creating coded information so that only the intended person can read the message. This art has been used for thousands of years and continues to be used today – just in a far more evolved and complex form.

Julius Caesar used encryption during the Roman Empire to cipher letters and it is still used today for many wars and military operations. In fact, even the word is rooted in a cipher – “Kryptos” meaning hidden and “Graphein” meaning word in Greek.

Cryptography as a hobby is great if you’re looking for a hobby that will keep you calm and collected. While it is no adrenalin rush like skydiving or race-car driving, most Cryptologists will tell you that the rush you experience while coding and solving codes is just as real.

To start with a hobby like this, here are some of the basics that you should know in this mini introduction to cryptography:


To be successful in cryptography, you’ll need a firm understanding of mathematics. Formal training and advanced qualifications help too, but being a math boff is one of the basics. If you hope to one day progress your new hobby into a career, be prepared to have a degree in a relevant field like Computer Science, Mathematics, or Computer Engineering.

For the time being, allow your newfound hobby to help you destress.

New Hobbies: A Mini Introduction to Cryptography

Problem-Solving Skills

Statistics, algebra, and number theory are things you need to familiarize yourself with if you aren’t already. These will help you to become highly skilled in complex problem-solving and make you an extremely analytical thinker.

Taking up a cryptography hobby will require time and energy, and lots of it – but if this is something that sparks your interest, don’t give up because it is well worth the effort.

Be Creative

As much as cryptography is a formal discipline, don’t let that limit your thinking. Come up with ingenious and creative ways to encrypt your information. Inspiration can come from many places; the trick is to make your code that much harder to crack. The thrill of cryptography is in hiding or solving codes.

Embrace The Complexity

Cryptography is a complex and detailed field. By embracing it for all that it is, you can one day turn your hobby into a lucrative gig! Data is everything in the digital age, meaning that organizations will pay top dollar for your services.

Companies like government organizations, armed services, and financial institutions are all looking for new and improved ways to store and encrypt data – which is where you come in.

Cryptography Associations

Get involved with an association or professional body; those places offer activities and classes on Cryptography to help give you experience and exposure, not to mention the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion you do.

To End

Cryptography may be a bit of an unusual hobby, but once you get into it you will be surprised at how big the circle gets. The art of Cryptography has been around for so long, and it is often passed on from generation to generation. If this subject interests you, now would be the best time to get cracking (pun intended) and start your new hobby!

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