Modern Décor Ideas for Wedding Venues Launceston

All of us have a vision of our perfect dream wedding. Not only do you want the day to be as special and romantic as the love between the two of you, but you also want it to reflect both your styles and tastes. Many couples are letting go of old traditional decoration styles and incorporating trendy and modern aesthetics.
If you are hosting your wedding at a venue in Launceston and you’d like to add a bit of a modern twist into the décor. Then consider any one of the below modern wedding décor ideas for your perfect wedding.


The ancient art of Origami has become quite the trend in recent years. Artists from all over the world are trying to adopt and adapt the delicate paper craft in many different ways. As a plus, Origami can look tasteful and modern when approached in the right way.

One of the most popular paper shapes is the crane. Couples can use different colored paper and use the Origami cranes as place holders or combined with fairy lighting. Playing around with different sized Origami figures are also a great way to modernize your wedding décor.

Ghost Chairs

Goodbye organza bows, white chair covers, and bulky seating and hello ghost chairs. To add a modern feel to your wedding, add see-through acrylic chairs. Not only will they look great on photos with their seamless transparency, they also give your wedding a sleek and simple touch.

Greens Instead of Florals

Instead of bombarding your venue with loads of floral arrangements opt for a more textural approach by incorporating greeneries instead. Combining a variety of green leaves, stems, and plants will create a fresh atmosphere that’s very trendy at the moment.

For an extra flair, you can add potted vines and lush green foliage to the reception area.

One Colored Monochrome

Monochromatic weddings and special events are becoming quite a do. Instead of following a large color palette, couples are choosing a minimalistic approach to their color schemes.
Pick only one color and decorate your entire wedding in shades of it. You can even choose only greys or whites for an extra modern minimalism.

Modern Décor Ideas for Wedding Venues Launceston

The Venue

You should never underestimate the impact that a venue has on your overall theme and atmosphere. In order to create the perfectly modern setting you should consider hiring a venue that offers space to let your dream come true. Consider a venue like this one:, to ensure you have a space to work with.


Nowadays you can personalize anything from clothing to cake toppers. If you are quite the artist, you can draw and design prints for your napkins and tablecloths. Adding a personal touch to any form of décor at the venue is a perfect way to showcase your individual style.

It has become quite popular as well to give your guests personalized mementos too. Each guest can receive a customized one-line art drawing or water paint painting. Many artists offer these services to brides and grooms at a special price.

The Cake

White tiered cakes were once made famous by Queen Elizabeth. The rule was ‘the bigger, the more detailed, and frillier, the better’ – this isn’t so any more. Bring simple elements into your cake design to carry through your contemporary theme.

Simple cakes that only feature two tiers or even deconstructed tiers are sufficient. Add geometric shapes onto the base with delicate golden or chrome accents to create the perfect focal point.


If you haven’t noticed yet, we do put a lot of emphasis on keeping things as minimal and simplistic as possible. That’s why minimalism has taken over the modern world. Let go of all the extras and introduce simpler table and venue decorations.

Instead of adding big bunches of flowers opt for a single transparent glass with one or two greeneries or flowers inside. Say goodbye to large draping and wall covers and say hello to one or two small décor pieces.
Designer and wedding planner, Lauren Emerson, said that modern brides and grooms shouldn’t be scared of negative space. Going for clean lines on your invitations with only the most important information is very trendy. Add as little as you’d like onto your tables for a minimal and contemporary look.

Modern Décor Ideas for Wedding Venues Launceston

Contemporary Cutlery

Instead of choosing traditional silverware for the table, opt for cutlery that is contemporary. Black, gold, or bronze metal cutlery combined with stemless glasses are all the rage.

Check out these examples of simplistic and modern flatware for contemporary weddings.

Black Accents

For an elegant chic appeal, add black accents to your table. This means flat and square underplates, black flower holders and candle holders or candles. Combined with transparent and white décor, or gold and other metals, you’ll achieve a sophisticated, fashion-forward atmosphere.

Some risky brides have even decided on non-traditional black wedding dresses. Combined with simplistic décor and perhaps a black wedding cake, you’d achieve a gorgeously romantic and modern venue.

Mix and Match

It’s amazing how many different things can come together and create unison. Your décor doesn’t have to follow a specific continuous pattern. Why not mix and match a few different pieces together? Interior designers and wedding planners are great at putting mismatched items together and making it work.

Not only does this mixing and matching work for tables, chairs, and floor décor, but also for your bridesmaids’ dresses. A modern couple can allow their bridal party to wear different types of dresses in a variation of colors. As long as the mix ends up matching, you are in the clear for being fashion-forward.

When you and your partner want to host a modern wedding day, then you shouldn’t be scared of pushing the boundaries. One rule of being fashion-forward in the year to come, is to be as minimalistic and simplistic as possible. With a dash of personality and customization, you’ll achieve a gorgeously trendy wedding day with these modern wedding décor ideas.

What do you think of these wedding decor ideas?

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