Moving House? Top Tips to Make it Easier

With a million and one things to think about during a house move, staying organised will definitely help make it easier.

If you’re in the middle of, or looking forward to, moving house these tips might save you a few grey hairs and frayed nerves.

Embrace the List

Writing things down means you don’t have to remember everything. You just have to remember to look at the checklist and cross things off when they’re done. It’s much easier to remember just one thing at a time!

Having one list is great but having a few of them for the different stages of house moving is a real benefit. List types can include:

Contact details – this can be all the companies you need to notify about changes of address and can also include the important people involved in the move such as estate agent and solicitor.
Viewings – include properties you go and look at as well as viewings on the house you’re selling. Note the date, any important features or questions raised, and maybe things to do differently next time.
Important Dates – such as booking removals, exchanging contracts, notifying energy companies, changing schools.

To start, there won’t be that much to note down beyond initial brainstorming of what you need to do then setting up your checklists. As time goes on and the sale/move gathers momentum you’ll be glad you can tick something off and move on.

Don’t Wait to Start Packing

If you’ve been living in your current house for a few years, chances are you’ve got loads of stuff to pack up. Stuff you don’t use every day and won’t necessarily miss for a few weeks or months.

You can start packing these things away as soon as you’ve made a firm decision to move. A self storage room can help you get, and stay, organised in this respect. Not only are you cutting down on the essential big pack that must be done eventually, but you’ll also gradually create a more spacious and airy home to show to prospective buyers.

Find a local self storage facility or look for one closer to the house you’re buying if that makes more sense. Wherever you choose, the locations are usually easy to get to so if you accidentally pack something essential, you can quickly retrieve it.

Book Removals Early On

Moving House? Top Tips to Make it Easier

If you’re planning on using a removal company, book your time slot as early as you possibly can, ideally leaving at least four to six weeks.

Factor in contingencies when booking, such as changing dates or other unforeseen circumstances. It’s best not to make a firm booking until after contracts are exchanged rather than trusting agreed completion dates.

Shop around for advice and help with removals. Ask about availability, and best times to book as sometimes they’re booked months in advance, with weekends being especially popular times to move. When you’re doing most of the packing yourself, you’ll need a good supply of boxes and other packing materials, so get those organised early too.

You could also talk to others in the chain, and your estate agent to try and get everyone working together.

Planning For Moving Day

It can be chaos trying to keep everything organised, especially if you’re also fielding kids and pets.

Think about refreshments during the day, such as snacks, drinks, sandwiches etc to keep everyone going.

Make sure you’ve got the essentials packed separately from everything else for when you reach your new house, such as toiletries, bed linens, tea and coffee, milk and a first night meal. Keep phone chargers handy too, or make sure power packs are fully charged. If you’ve got a longish journey to the new place, make sure there’s plenty of travel entertainment for the kids, and maybe even a pillow or two in the car.

Try and keep your expectations relatively low. There are bound to be frustrations and maybe even a temper flare or two. It’s a tiring, stressful experience that’s often worked to a deadline.

Relax and Breathe

Once you reach the new house with all your packed up possessions, breathe out and relax. Yes, you now have it all to do again in reverse, but at least this time you can do it in your own time.

Make peace with boxes for a while and, if you can, leave unessential stuff in self storage for a bit longer. You don’t have to create a perfect home before the sun sets on your first night.

As long everyone is behind the new front door, safe and sound, the job’s done and you can all look forward to enjoying your new house.

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