Must-Have Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Numerous research has shown that playing with toys helps the development of children, especially toddlers. Toddlers who have enough playtime with toys get to release energy, expand their minds, and become even more aware of their surroundings.

Playing with toys can help toddlers learn several motor and mental skills that will benefit them as they grow older. Educational toys for toddlers can help a child develop fine and gross motor skills and imagination and creativity. Below are some examples of must-have wooden toys for toddlers.

Wooden Abacus Toys

According to an article by Himama, math is a very significant concept that toddlers should learn in their early years. This is because math helps develop vital life skills. Toddlers who learn math at an early age can easily solve problems and develop their spatial awareness. Teaching toddlers how to play with wooden abacus toys improve their mathematical abilities.

Wooden abacus toys can help your child learn about small numbers and counting. As they grow older, you can use abacus toys to teach your toddler mathematical concepts such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, and even division. Some abacus wooden toys for toddlers also come in different patterns and colors, concepts that you can further teach your child.

Wooden Shape Sorter Cube

A wooden shape sorter cube is one of the most useful toys that are available in the market. Its assortment of shapes and colors can help a toddler develop visual and physical skills. A shape sorter cube can develop a toddler’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills because they will be using their hands when they play with it.

You can also improve your toddler’s vocabulary by teaching them the names of the shapes in the sorter cube and identifying their colors. You can also teach them mathematical concepts by counting the number of shapes inside the sorter cube. Your toddler’s problem-solving skills can also be developed using a shape sorter cube.

Wooden Instruments

According to an article by Bright Horizons, music helps in the numerous areas of development for toddlers. Exposing toddlers to music at an early age can improve their intellectual, language, motor, and socio-emotional developmental aspects. Also, toddlers that are exposed to music have a better mind and body coordination.

One of the toys that can help in exposing your toddler to music is wooden instruments. You can start teaching your children about music by making them learn how to use a wooden xylophone. They can also develop fine motor skills because they will be using their hands to play with them. Also, a wooden tambourine and harmonica would be a perfect fit to learn other instruments as well.

Wooden Boom Buggy

A wooden boom buggy is one of the best wooden toys for children that are available in the market today. This is because it is a toy that is proven to improve a toddler’s gross motor skills. A wooden boom buggy is a great way to improve toddlers’ mobility by strengthening their leg and foot muscles. This toy can help prepare them to walk and run freely when they grow older.

The wooden toys mentioned above are, without a doubt, must-haves for your toddlers. Letting them play with these toys can drastically improve their motor and mental skills, which they can greatly benefit from when they grow older. Check out a trusted and reliable wooden toy seller today, and let your child experience its benefits!

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