Must-See Places In St. Petersburg

Taking a trip to St. Petersburg has always been at the very top of my travel wishlist. The array of places in St Petersburg – attractions, historical and cultural delights – are sure to keep you occupied. If for example, you booked the Trans-Siberian train route and only have a short amount of time, I’m sure you’re like me and you’ll want to know the hot-spots. There are still several highlights you can see in a short-term when visiting. I’ve compiled some of the must-see sights you should not miss in the famous city. 

If you are still planning your trip, check the routes using the Trans Siberian railway map. You will be able to see exactly where you will stop so you can plan your time effectively.

For now, I have compiled a list of things to see when visiting so you can make your trip truly unforgettable in Russia.

Must-See Places in St. Petersburg

Podpisnie Izdaniya

Collection of books: Places in St Petersburg

One of the things the city is known for is its independent bookshops. And any bibliophile, such as myself, will want to visit Podpisnie Izdaniya, which is one of the most popular bookstores. It’s said you will find every book out there from Graphic Design to Philosophy. The décor inside is also stunning as you can sit back in the café and relax.

The Hermitage

the Hermitage: Places in St Petersburg

If you’re into art galleries or couldn’t care less, the Hermitage is a must-visit when in the city. You will see a huge art collection which includes famous masterworks from Picasso to Da Vinci. Revel in the artistic delights as you walk around the exhibition. It’s also right next to the Palace Square so you will be able to see both sights in one.

Nevsky Prospekt

High Street: Places in St Petersburg

If you don’t know of it already, when visiting St Petersburg, you most certainly will. You could spend days just wondering around the huge stretch spanning three miles. This famous walk is full of many restaurants, lovely cafes and bars. It’s defiantly the place to be if you want to get a real feel for the city’s culture and social side.

Church on Spilled Blood

Church of Spilled Blood: Places in St Petersburg

This will be next to the Nevsky Prospekt so after visiting, make sure you take a wander over to this fascinating church. Being one of Gaudy’s works of art, you will find it filled with colour, mosaics and ornate domes. It also signifies an important point in history as it was built around the time Tsar Alexander the second was assassinated. The iconic domes on these churches are one of the reasons that Russia, and especially similar places in St Petersburg are on my wishlist of locations to see. 

Music Theatre

This Children’s music theatre is a must-see venue that kids and teens will love. There are several musicals showing that showcase Russian fairy tales with beautiful backdrops and talented performers. You will see wonderful shows and it makes for fascinating family entertainment.  

These are just some of the best places in St Petersburg. When planning your trip, make sure to include them on your list, I know I will!


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