My 7th Heaven | Coconut Protein Hair Masque and Manuka Honey Hair Masque

There’s been a pattern that has been created on the blog recently as I’ve been becoming more and more taken with natural beauty products. Continuing with the pattern I recently shared with you a little bit about the My 7th Heaven new hair masque in a previous post. Instead of just talking about them I decided to give them a whirl.(My hair is a bit dry at the ends and colour treated so keep in mind that my results are based on that.)
Coconut Protein Hair Masque*

When I first saw the coconut protein hair masque I was sold. Anything with a coconut scent (or flavour) is right up my street. I was initially a bit hesitant as it claimed to help volumise hair (so this is perfect for any of you with fine hair) and I personally don’t need any more volume, but I gave it a try anyway.

Did it work?

With a perfect blend of coconut and the superfood quinoa, this mask is perfect for those of you with normal hair. As for me, my hair felt amazing whilst still wet. But once it was dry I didn’t feel that much of a difference. I suppose my hair was drier and in need of more nourishment than what I had expected.

I was most impressed by: the deliciously tropical scent.

Manuka Honey Hair Masque*
They say that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. And I suppose that also applies to hair mask packaging. I thought I was saving the best for last and even though this is mask left my hair soft and lovely. For someone with a sensitive nose, the honey scent was sickly sweet. It was so strong I felt like I could taste it. That being said, I was the only one in my house who smelled it as strong as I did. So this could totally be all due to the sensitivity of my nose.

Did it work?

Other than that the mask has a rich texture, and coats the hair easily when applied. Unlike the Coconut Hair Masque though I was a tiny bit disappointed that I didn’t feel the automatic effects of using the mask on wet hair. That being said, as soon as my hair dried and after styling with heat, it has remained silky soft 2 days later.

Overall my hair felt nourished and healthier using the Manuka Honey Hair Masque. So I suppose I did save the best for last. If you’ve got dry or colour treated hair I really recommend picking this mask up.

Most impressed by: the rich texture of the mask and the lasting results!

I really love My 7th Heaven products. They’re affordable, natural, cruelty-free and of a vegetarian standard.  If you haven’t given them a try, you should!