My Top 3 Exotic Honeymoon Locations for 2019

I can’t believe we are already in February. Time has flown by, probably because it’s been a pretty good year so far. I’m not one to think ahead too much – I like to take life as it comes – but this year is a bit different. I’m walking down the aisle later this year and I can’t wait, not only because James and I celebrating our wedding will be so amazing, but also because we will be jetting off somewhere far away and exotic for our honeymoon.

We’ve both flown long haul, separately and together, but not for the kind of indulgent relaxing holiday that we want our honeymoon to be. The array of options is immense but also inspiring. Just click here to see what I mean.

Problem is, we haven’t decided where to go yet. Well, it’s not a huge problem at this stage as we’re planning to book our trip for October, but we do need to make a decision. At the moment we’ve narrowed it down to 3 locations. Here’s the lowdown on what they each offer.

Exotic Honeymoon Locations – The Bahamas

The Bahamas is particularly attractive because what we are looking for more than anything else is complete RnR in beautiful surroundings. We both love the sea and white sandy beaches and they don’t seem to come much better than The Bahamas. We spend quite a bit of time with family in Spain, but while the Meditteranean is, of course, gorgeous, nothing compares with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

The city of Nassau, on New Providence Island, is one of the places we have our eye on. It’s filled with the rich heritage of the colonial era, with amazing architecture and shiny streets. But it also has all the glitz and glamour of a modern Caribbean city, with its boats, seaplanes, casinos and tropical beaches. I’ve read about how the Island has a real “James Bond” feel to it. It’s the stuff of dreams in my opinion!

The Bahamas has more than 700 islands and New Providence Island is a great spot from which to explore some of them. The island that I’m extremely fascinated about is Harbour Island. Fortunately, it’s one of the most accessible islands and is famed for Pink Sands Beach (the sand actually looks pinkish!) and its especially crystal clear water. I’m not much of a swimmer but a bit of snorkelling wouldn’t go amiss.

exotic honeymoon: waves hitting the shore on tropical beach.

Exotic Honeymoon Locations – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that has seen a massive growth in tourism in recent years. It’s in Asia, which is perfect, as we love the idea of finding tourist secrets things to do in Asia. And not just because of its Ceylon tea plantations – which look amazing by the way. It’s beach resorts are stunning and parts of the island have particularly secluded beaches that seem to stretch forever.

If you fancy some dolphin and whale spotting, then you can’t go wrong in Sri Lanka. I happen to love elephants – they are fascinating, emotionally intelligent animals – and Yala national park has thousands of them ambling about, together with leopards and buffalo.

Another of my favourite things to do is travel by train. Apparently travelling by train through the island is a wonderfully scenic experience. This year is Sri Lanka’s 70th anniversary of independence and the Yal Devi (Queen of Jaffna) Express has recently reopened. It goes from Colombo all the way to Jaffna, a journey I’ve looked into and would absolutely love to take.

exotic honeymoon: children swimming in sea in sunset.

Exotic Honeymoon Locations – Jamaica

My third possible exotic honeymoon choice takes us back to the Caribbean. Jamaica, I must admit, is only really in the reckoning because James is obsessed with Reggae music! It does seem like an amazing country though and I do want to visit at some point (maybe even next year after all!).

Bob Marley, of course, really put Jamaica on the map in the 1970’s. It was already somewhat of a tourist destination by then and was, famously, the scene of the first James Bond film “Dr No” in 1962. Can you tell I’m a bit of a Bond fan?

Like most Caribbean locations, Jamaica is adorned with gorgeous beaches and stunning waters. But that’s not all it offers. Its festivals, colourful street art and delicious cuisine all attract millions every year. And if you don’t particularly like reggae, like me, I’m told you probably will by the time you leave!

So which of the three will it be for our exotic honeymoon? Stay tuned to find out.

exotic honeymoon: pig swimming in blue sea.

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