My Top 3 Places to Visit in Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city full of sites to see, food to eat and adventures to experience! There is a lot of character to Chicago and many different tourist spots that are well worth a visit. But if you are looking to have a day out there, then here are the best places to visit in Chicago and tips to getting the most out of your visit.

If you want to take full advantage of your trip to Chicago, I would suggest getting a city pass like the Explorer Pass. These types of passes are quite common in the States and give you a great start to your adventure, allowing you to visit a number of attractions without having to pay at the door. They also provide a generous discount. It’s great for making the most of your day, and you don’t actually need to pick the attractions you’d like to go to ahead of time. So if something changes during the day, your schedule can still adapt. Anyway, onto the attractions!

Shedd Aquarium

I love aquariums and the Shedd Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the country. Divided into a bunch of different themed sections, you can see every bit of sea life from penguins walking around to Belugas hanging out in their water. The Polar Play Zone allows you to actually touch sea stars and is a great area for children, with plenty of interactive areas.

The Wild Reef is another of my favorite sections, as there are just so many different types of sharks, some jellyfish to look at, and the water is constantly moving, with so many different fish catching your eye as they go about their life in this colorful tank. This is just a taste of the areas in the Shedd Aquarium, which has more zones, reefs, and areas to explore.

Museum of Contemporary Art 

The Museum of Contemporary Art features both an impressive roster of permanent exhibitions, but also a bunch of different, changing exhibitions, which means there is always something to see. It’s worth taking a look at what new exhibitions are on offer before booking your trip. But even if you are just going to see some of the permanent exhibitions, you’ll definitely have a lot to see as there are around 2,500 permanent works of art which are rotated, while the main exhibitions are rotated and new.

There are museum tours, which are free daily, that can better explain exactly what each exhibition is on. There is always something new to see at this museum, which also features a lovely restaurant.

360 Chicago

If you are a fan of beautiful sites and views, then the 360 Chicago is certainly one not to miss and is definitely one of the top places to visit in Chicago. Going right at sunset or in the evenings when the city is full of light offers a really spectacular view. This view overlooks the Chicago skyline and Lame Michigan from the John Hancock building – the deck is 1000 feet above the Magnificent Mile, so you can actually plan to do a lot around here before going into the 360 experience.

Inside the deck, there is a ride called TILT, which is an enclosed moving platform that tilts you out over Michigan Avenue from the 94th floor, giving a thrilling and amazing view if you aren’t too fearful of heights! It’s one of those experiences that may seem simple, but will give you a whole new perspective on the city itself.

While you are in Chicago, don’t forget to try a chicago dog and deep dish pizza!


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