MyPhotoSchool Lesson 4: Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Your Images

In this final installment of the MyPhotoSchool Lightroom for Photographers series we worked on Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Your Images. After all, what good is it to perfect your images and not be able to do anything with them. If you are just following along take a moment to catch up with my previous posts by reading up on my MyPhotoSchool journey in Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and Lesson 3 of the series. 
In this 40 minute video tutor George Cairns walks us through a step by step on how to make sure that we show off our new beautifully edited photographs. You can even upload them to a Facebook album all with the click of a few buttons! 
Lesson 4 has been the most thorough and it has given me the opportunity to be able to piece together everything that I have learnt, and given me the opportunity to know how to showcase my images. If you’ve followed me on this 4 lesson Lightroom for Photographers journey, and have contemplated if this sort of lesson is for you, I highly recommend it! You can study at your own pace, yet have the personalised interaction with the tutor that you probably normally would in a traditional course. Sometimes even more so. 
My overall experience with MyPhotoSchool has truly been a positive one, and I would greatly recommend them to anyone who is a photography enthusiast. Whether you need to sharpen your skills, or are starting from scratch the tutors and their approach make it easy, whatever your expertise level. When the course is finished you receive a certificate of completion that you can use to further your studies, and as proof that you have completed the course. 
If you were to take a MyPhotoSchool course, which one would you take?