MyPhotoSchool Lightroom for Photographers – Lesson 2*

Hi guys! Today I have another installement in my MyPhotoSchool Lightroom for Photographers course. If you haven’t had a chance to read the first lesson in the MyPhotoSchool Lightroom for Photographers course I recommend you take a few minutes to check out a little bit more about this course and my journey with it.  
The second lesson was all about Introducing the Digital Darkroom. This lesson was quite exciting as it gets into the meat and potatoes of what Lightroom can offer you. In this lesson we were given a 37 minute video to watch that gave you a step by step introduction into the world of fixing colour, tone, and composition in your photos. This lesson was both extremely important, and extremely simple as it showed you that it really is an easy process to get your photographs looking their absolute best. 
As with every lesson, you not only get to see how the end result is reached, you are given the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test by submitting an assignment that the instructor then provides feedback on. This weeks assignment was to use photographs from your library to fix five possible photo problems. Here’s one of the photos that I submitted as part of my lesson 1 assignment last week. The changes were quite subtle, but the different is quite astounding, as you can now see the vibrance of the red phone box, the details in both the phone box and the beautiful cherry blossom, and of course, the enhancement of the blue sky. 
One of my favourite things about the lessons, that I might have failed to mention in my first post is that George Cairns not only gives you a step by step lesson, he shows you each step right as he goes along. I’m a visual learner, and learn by practice not theory, so this part of the course has truly been a favourite of mine. After all, if I didn’t have the opportunity to learn things my way, it would be quite useless for me to take the course to begin with. If you’re like me and need to see where things are, or just how certain outcomes are reached, these lessons will be right up your street! I actually watch the lessons twice; once to be taught the lesson, and the second time to practice right along with it. It’s truly great to be able to have the flexibility to learn your way, which is something that you don’t always have the opportunity to do in a traditional setting.
Next week I will bring you lesson 3, and share with you my submissions for the assignment after lesson 2 along with some of the feedback I’ve received on the past two lessons. As I mentioned in my last post, if you’re a photography enthusiast you’ll really enjoy the course. Not to mention, if like me you’re a bit short on time, then the process of learning at your pace and in this very time efficient manner will certainly appeal to you. 
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*enrollment in lesson provided for purpose of review