MyPhotoSchool Lightroom for Photographers Lesson 3*

I’m currently 3 lessons in in the Lightroom for Photography course that I am taking with MyPhotoSchool. If you are just joining along make sure you have a quick catch up with the previous lessons – Lightroom for Photography Lesson 1 and Lightroom for Photography Lesson 2 , as they will give you a little more insight into what the course is about. 
This 3rd lesson was all about Digging deeper into the Develop Module. George walked us through the different tools and panels in the develop module, and showed us how to use each tool to achieve the perfect look for our photos. We learned how to use the Lens Corrections panel to counteract lens related problems, as well as remove noise from your shots and sharpen them using the Detail tab. 
As far as lessons go, this one has been the most in depth up to date. George taught us how to make tweaks to our photos that make quite an extraordinary difference. After this lesson our assignment was to select 3 tasks out of the 4 provided to apply to our photographs. We were even provided with sample images to use to practice some of our techniques. As always, we submit our images to George for feedback.                                            
I’m a little behind schedule on my homework, though I have completed all of the lessons. I suppose that’s one of the benefits of this type of learning – having the flexibility to study and work at your own pace. Whilst I play a little catch up, I recommend you have a gander at the MyPhotoSchool website, as there are a plethora of courses available.