Natural Treatments for Hair Regrowth for Women

Your hair represents you the best way. Especially for women, beautifully shaped haircut contributes to their attractiveness. Whether it is long or short, healthy, and well-groomed hair is always desirable. This is why hair regrowth for women is an important topic to discuss.

Genetics takes a significant part in the quality of follicles, but proper care is crucial. There are a vast number of hair care products on the market. Some can benefit you, while others are nothing more than a marketing ploy. 

A good shampoo, a quality conditioner, and the use of products like Keranique can help you keep your hair healthy and shiny. You don’t have to drown it with all available cosmetics. Also, don’t forget about the importance of good life habits and natural treatments to promote hair regrowth.

Reasons for Hair Loss

During the day, it is quite reasonable for a certain number of strands to fall out of the head. They are ‘ready’ for replacement, and new follicles will soon come in their place. For example, during spring and autumn, increased hair loss is normal, but that should last no more than a month.

Each strand has its lifespan, and at some point, it will fall out. The number of hairs you lose daily is individual. As soon as you notice patches falling out for no reason (for example, if you just run your fingers through your hair), and no new strands grow, that can be a sign that something’s wrong.

Poor Eating Habits

Proper nutrition is the basis of health. If you eat foods poor in nutrients, you don’t provide your body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Due to that, you can experience immunity drops, hair loss, weakening of nails, and, eventually, the appearance of diseases. Without essential nutrients, new follicles won’t appear.

Frequent Visits to Hairdresser

Seeing your hairdresser too often can be stressful for your scalp. You’ll lose more hair if you apply professional cosmetics (which most experts use in their salons) daily. Frequent blow-drying or straightening is also harmful. Harsh chemicals and hot air make the scalp dry. Hair can’t grow from dehydrated areas.

Unfavorable Genetics

Women ‘are fighting’ their genetic predispositions all the time. It’s in your DNA that you will have cellulite, loose skin, or weak hair. Some of that will probably happen if you do nothing about it. You can prevent these conditions with proper life habits, intake of necessary nutrients, and timely treatment (in case of medical problems).


Chemotherapy is used very successfully as a treatment in the fight against cancer. Hair loss is its side effects, which mainly affects women. The good thing is that, after the radiation stops, old follicles reactivate, and new ones appear. This process will take a little time. You can speed it up with the natural methods and treatments that are perfectly safe.

Hormonal Imbalance

Stopping pills, having a baby, menopause, and aging are situations when a woman can lose hair. The cause can also be stress, polycystic ovaries, thyroid dysfunction, and sudden weight loss. All mentioned conditions cause a disorder of the hormones that are responsible for homeostasis in your body.

Prevented hair regrowth due to unbalanced hormones can be solved only when you treat the initial health issue. In the case of polycystic ovaries or pregnancy, low estrogen levels, and an excess of ‘male’ hormones cause follicle breakdown. That happens as soon as they appear, so new strands can’t make it to the surface.

Lowering testosterone with medication will help follicles regenerate. After pregnancy, it is necessary to increase the intake of vitamins E, D, and B, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. That will make your scalp healthy. Yet, not all vitamins are equally effective. Some can have adverse effects on follicles. For example, overdoing vitamin A can cause hair loss, as seen on this link.

Under stress, the body secretes adrenaline and cortisol (known as stress hormones). They affect the absorption of vitamin B in the body, which is necessary for proper hair growth and pigmentation. If you are not really into coping with stress, you should start with meditation or yoga. These relaxation techniques are useful for general health.

Massage for a Healthier Scalp

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Massage is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about how to fight stress. The head massage’s primary purpose is to release energy channels from negative energy. It’s believed to be the source of the disease. But this technique can also help your scalp ‘relax.’

Gentle pressing stimulates the blood to run through the head. When the blood flow in the scalp is good, the follicles get enough oxygen and other nutrients to grow healthy. Head massage is especially useful during the menstrual cycle or menopause. Then the blood supply to the female organism is lower. A proper massage technique distributes blood throughout the scalp.

Use Essential Oils

Head massage stimulates blood flow to the follicles and opens blood vessels on the scalp. For an even better effect, you can use essential oils of lavender, tea tree, or geranium. Before applying to the scalp, be sure to mix them with some base oil (coconut or olive). Besides relaxing scent, these oils will soften the head’s skin and help remove dandruff. Accumulated dead cells can also interfere with hair growth.

Apply a little oil on fingertips. Massage the head with light pressure, starting from the forehead to the back of the head. Encircle the points in the middle of the head first. Then, gently move fingers from the top to sides of the head. This method will improve blood flow and remove dry or dead skin cells that can prevent hair growth.

Healthy Foods for Healthy Strands

Natural Treatments for Hair Regrowth for Women

Hair growth is limited. Healthy strands fall out after they reach their life peak. If they start to fall earlier, it means they are not strong enough to reach the full length. That’s why follicles need micronutrients and proteins to create healthy and firm hair cells. You will only provide this building material with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Take care of the intake of vitamin H, better known as biotin. This element takes part in the metabolism of amino acids from proteins incorporated into strands. There are products enriched with biotin on the market, so it is a good idea to include them in your hair care routine.

Below, you’ll find a list of foods abound in biotin:

Amino acids make follicles strong and elastic and provide them with a protective layer called the cuticle. Without protein, the strands will be weak and lifeless. They will begin to fall out before they reach a full life. To prevent this stressful situation, increase your intake of sea fish, nuts, eggs, grains, and whole milk products.

Fat Intake

Follicles are, in a small part, made of fat. These are natural oils that ‘lubricate’ the strands and protect them from harmful external influences. Omega-6 fatty acids stimulate follicles to produce new cells. Omega-3 nourishes the hair and keeps it elastic, thus preventing it from breaking.

As your body cannot produce essential fatty acids on its own, it is necessary to take them in with a proper diet. Have nuts and seeds on your menu every day, while several times a week, you can consume fatty sea fish such as mackerel, tuna, or salmon.

Vitamins and Minerals

Micronutrients play an essential role in maintaining hair health. Vitamins and minerals don’t directly affect follicle growth. They provide conditions for their proper functioning. An optimal amount of these nutrients boosts the production of new, healthy strands.

Vitamin D, also known as a sunny vitamin, has a lot of roles in your body. The most important are the normal functioning of the immune system, the healthy growth and development of all bone structures, and hair growth. It stimulates cell extension and helps create new follicles. The lack of vitamins D and E is one of the causes of alopecia.

Increase the intake of iron and zinc intake during the cycle, at menopause, or if you have lost some blood lately. Since there are very few of these minerals in the body, you need to get them through foods. Implement green veggies, red meat, cereals, eggs, and dark chocolate in your daily menu. Chocolate is rich in zinc and antioxidants, but don’t overdo it.

Try Natural Cosmetics

Homemade cosmetics can do wonders, but women usually don’t have time to prepare it at home. So they turn to commercial products. They can help, but very often do more harm than good. Many of them contain toxins, artificial ingredients, and compounds that dry out the scalp. 

Making natural treatments won’t take you much time. Another advantage of natural cosmetics is that it costs less than any commercial product, and often gives better results. Homemade mixtures are all-natural, made of ingredients you can find in every market or pharmacy store.

Diversity of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those magical beauty products that have many purposes and positive effects. You can use it in pure form as a balm, a mask, or scalp treatment. Each of these can be applied before and after showering. Coconut oil repairs already damaged strands. It also makes new follicles stronger by preventing the loss of proteins and natural oils.

Pay attention when buying coconut oil. Avoid products labeled as ‘mineral,’ as they contain only traces of coconut oil. You should know that coconut oil is actually coconut fat. It is made only in the form of white cream, and it doesn’t exist in liquid form.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary is a plant that can be used in several ways as a natural remedy for hair regrowth. From dried leaves of this plant boiled in hot water, you can make a liquid for rinsing your head after washing. Rosemary hydrates the dry and irritated head skin, which is essential for stimulating follicle growth.

The cold-pressed rosemary oil is a secret ingredient from which you can make a homemade hair growth treatment. Mix a few drops of this oil with twice the amount of coconut oil. Heat the mixture until it becomes liquid; then rub it into the scalp. Warm the towel and wrap it around your head. Leave it for several hours. Then wash it as usual.

Beside it promotes better blood flow in the scalp, rosemary oil has antibacterial and antimycotic properties. Its regular use will help you get rid of free radicals in your scalp. These toxic particles prevent the growth of new strands.

Castrol Oil

Castor oil is another vegetable oil that is beneficial for follicles and scalp. It is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, of which omega 6 and 9 are especially important for hair growth. These nutrients are sources of healthy fats that promote blood circulation and the growth of new follicles. 

Use Castrol oil for a head massage. Apply it on wet scalp and along the strands. Whenever you can, leave this product on the scalp for a few hours. Then the skin absorbs the active ingredients from this product best. After a few days, you’ll notice new strands growing.

Busting Common Myth

Many women think that more frequent cutting promotes hair growth. The truth is that it only affects the growth of strands that is already there. Regular removal of damaged ends, and shortening the length can make the hair look fuller and shinier.

But shortening the length has little to do with hair density and in no way creates room for new follicles growth. To boost hair regrowth, focus on treatments that will hydrate and nourish the scalp, and encourage the creation of new follicles.

Stress and lack of time take a toll on your body in different ways. Weak and lifeless hair, despite proper and regular care, can only be one result. If your strands fall out despite the use of the best cosmetics, you are probably doing something wrong. Your lifestyle, nutrition, amount of sleep, and many other lifestyle habits can improve or worsen the quality of your hair. Which is why you should heed these tips for hair regrowth for women.

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