Everything you need to know about termites and whether they bite people

Most people know that termites eat wood. Of course, to bite through wood they must have powerful teeth. That invariably leads to the question and concern of whether a termite would bite a person or not. 

The short answer is no. While termites are equipped to defend themselves against attackers, they have no reason to attack a human or bite it.

The only exception to this rule would be if you were handling the termite and preventing it from escaping. When it has no other option available to it then the termite will bite. But, you must remember that termites will usually avoid all contact with humans, that’s how they can live in your house for so long without you knowing. 

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home. They cost the insurance industry billions every year. But, you must make sure you have included termite cover on your policy. Not all insurance policies do. 

Checking For Termites

Although termites are no risk to your health, they can be harmful to the health of your home. That’s why you should get a local and reputable pest control company to check your home and verify that there are no termites;

In most cases, termites create carefully structured colonies centred around a queen. There will be soldier termites and workers. The colony is usually relatively hard to find and is likely to be under the floor of your home, where it is dark and damp. There is also plenty of easy access to wood. 

There are several signs that you have a termite problem:

  • Sighting

The most obvious sign of a termite is when you see one. If there is one there is almost certain to be more. However, before you jump to any conclusion make sure you take a closer look. Termites are surprisingly similar to carpenter ants. Both will damage the wood in your home but termites do a lot more damage

  • Mud holes

If you have soil against your house then take a walk around the house and you may find small holes in the mud. These are tunnels that allow the termites to get to and from their colony and stay moist at the same time. 

You can check if they are active by blocking several of the tunnels in an area. Check after a day or two, if the tunnels are open again or new ones have appeared then the termites are active. 

The best way to prevent this access is to concrete around the edge of your home. 

  • Blistering paint

Blistering paint occurs because the termites have pushed against the paint from inside the wood. You may even notice small holes in the wood. 

  • Soft wood

When you notice blistering paint and small holes then you should get a screwdriver and push it into the wood. If it goes in easily then the wood is soft, a result of the myriad of tunnels inside it. That tells you that you have a termite issue. 

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