Never Look Tired Again With These Fab Beauty Tricks

None of us look our best first thing in the morning. It can often take an hour or so to shake off the feeling of tiredness fully. However, even if we feel wide awake, sometimes our face tells a different story. No one wants to look tired throughout the day. It can make us look older than we actually are! So to ban tiredness from your face for good, here are some top beauty tricks.

Beauty Tricks: Moisturise

If you moisturise regularly, your skin will find it easier to replenish its natural moisture. If you don’t moisturise, you will find that your skin could turn dry and flaky in places. This can lead to your skin looking slightly dark and dull. So to make sure your skin is light and bright every day, reach for your moisturiser! Don’t expect any instant results, though. It can take a couple of months to start to see the amazing benefits that moisturiser has on your skin!

Beauty Tricks: Eye Makeup Is Your Friend

If your eyes look tired, you can use your eye makeup to help you cover up the signs of tiredness. Try a lengthening mascara to make your eyes appear wide open.Of course, if you prefer you can use a lash serum to grow your lashes and be able to get away with no mascara! The best part is that are also eyelash extensions that work with lash serum, so you can get a beautiful long eyelash look whilst still being able to help your natural eyelashes grow.
Eyeliner can also help reduce the appearance of tiredness too, especially when paired with a great mascara. Use a navy coloured eyeliner on the upper rims of your eyes. It will add some brightness to your eyes.


Not only does cucumber taste fantastic in salads, but it also works wonders on your eyes. Next time you apply a face mask, place slices of cucumber over your eyes and relax with them there for a few minutes. You’ll find that they will reduce puffiness around them, which makes them seem more bright and awake. They can also help to reduce any light circles that sometimes appear around tired eyes.


Coffee contains high levels of caffeine, which is known for keeping us wide awake. It can also help your eyes stay awake, too! All you need to do is brew some coffee and dip cotton wool into it. Then, place the wet pieces of wool onto the skin underneath your eyes. The caffeine will be absorbed by your skin and reduce any puffiness and bags. Caffeine will also shrink the blood vessels around the eyes, helping to prevent any dark circles.

beauty tricks: red lipstick on blond young woman.

Add Colour To Your Lips

You can always distract attention away from your peepers with bright lips! Put on your best lipstick and glam up your lips so that all the focus is taken away from your eyes. You could also distract with large statement earrings. There are loads of different ways to create various focal points with makeup and accessories. You just need to think creatively!

Of course, there is one way never to look tired ever again that doesn’t involve beauty tricks. Get a good night’s sleep! There’s a reason why people call it ‘beauty sleep’. If you get seven hours’ sleep a night, you will not only wake up feeling refreshed. Your skin will benefit and look fresh and gorgeous!

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