New Homes Last Forever with Vinyl Flooring: Find out why!

If you have decided to spruce up your existing home or are among the thousands that have taken advantage of the ability to buy a new home in 2022, either way, you will need some inspiration moving forwards. What better way to start than to check out some hot trends in flooring for the year ahead, especially in the domain of luxury vinyl flooring and its many possibilities?

New Homes Last Forever with Vinyl Flooring: Find out why!
Modern, light living room and home office combined. Spacious interior with flooring and small carpet.

From glorious greys to dark woods, the brand that gives a great sense of personal satisfaction in a new or existing home is Distinctive flooring.

Glorious Grey

We all want to hide those greys on our heads, but there are some greys that you won’t want to hide – the light grey tones added to bedrooms with stone-style vinyl flooring, available in various styles.

A perfect solution for those rooms with white walls, providing a cooler, calming atmosphere that enables you to relax and chill in the evenings. Luxury vinyl’s comfy underfoot durability is a definite plus that your stone won’t be a cold greeting in the mornings.

If you love a modern feel, vinyl looks great with a darker grey accompanied by some mood lighting.


We all like to pop the cork on a great bottle of wine, and there is no better accompaniment than a vintage feel around the room.

You don’t need to be wealthy to feel enriched – Distinctive vinyl flooring offers unmistakable style no matter where you want it – in the living room or kitchen. The great thing about vintage design is that it will never go out of style. The potential is endless when it comes to pattern, tone and colour.

It also goes great with that vintage-look furniture set that can add a complete feeling to your home decor.


Slate-style vinyl flooring is ideal for the bathroom and kitchen, whereas genuine slate flooring is not the most waterproof product.

Distinctive slate-designed vinyl flooring is a perfect replacement that provides 100% waterproof properties, meaning any extra-long soak in the tub can provide fantastic comfort –  totally indistinguishable. You can even match your design to your fixtures to give a total sense of completeness. Perfect for candlelit bathtub evenings with a good book and no distractions.

When you buy a new home, you want to enjoy your surroundings and get stuck in with some improvements from day one. Luxury vinyl flooring, such as dark grey vinyl flooring, is a product that can still be there 25 years from now and still have the freshest look a floor can give.

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