No Exam Life Insurance for People Who Smoke

The fact that you’re a smoker can considerably affect your vision of life insurance coverage for you. Yeah, it’s no secret that smoking can be devastating for health state, which can have a negative impact on life insurance premiums. However, there are life insurance companies that do not require medical exams. And if you’re looking for affordable rates, there are still good offerings when it comes to life insurance for smokers that can be a good fit for you.  

Why Do You Need No Exam Life Insurance?

What is no exam life insurance? It is the type of policy when you don’t need to take any exams to buy it. It is quick and affordable. Many people are afraid of doctors and needles; some have preexisting medical conditions that can turn out to be a refusal for obtaining a life insurance policy.

Another reason for applying to no exam life insurance is the immediate need to get it. All these can be good reasons for you to try out this option. However, the cost of no exam policies is much higher in comparison with traditional underwritten life insurance. You might ask: why?

The thing is life insurance providers have to make an in-depth search about your life history, states, medical status, etc. since if they don’t be attentive they are in risk of insuring you. That’s why their efforts need to be compensated by raising your rate. 

What Are the Difficulties for Smokers to Qualify for No Exam Life Insurance?

Premiums for smokers are considerably increased in comparison to those who are non-smokers. And these premiums can be much higher if you have some health problems. There is no difference if you smoke one pack per day or per week, you are considered to have an increased chance of getting sick. 

If you are going to get life insurance without a medical exam, keep in mind that your life insurance agent will ask you about your smoking period. Until you’ve quit smoking for one full year, a life insurance provider will consider you a smoker, even if there was only one cigarette smoked during the year.

However, there is also good news: some life insurance companies can low rates for you if you smoke occasionally. This depends on your health state and lifestyle as well.

One more important criterion is your honesty. In case you misrepresent facts about your smoking story, insurers are entitled to cancel your life insurance policy. In the worst scenario, if you die from illness related to smoking, your policy can be reduced or even totally denied. 

What Factors Life Insurers Consider During Applying to No Exam Life Insurance?

In order to get the lowest rates, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle and habits. Even if you’re a smoker, that doesn’t mean you definitely have health problems. You may be absolutely healthy, taking care of yourself. If you maintain your health condition, improve your quality of life permanently, regularly visit a doctor and keep yourself in shape, there is a high chance of obtaining reasonable rates for no exam life insurance policy.

When you apply for life insurance, the following factors will be taken into consideration by your life insurance provider:

  • Your age 
  • Type of tobacco product you smoke
  • Your weight
  • Medical history 

Do All Smoking Types Affect Equally on Insurer’s Decision?

The exciting thing is that your premiums also depend on the type of tobacco product you use. That means that you can be granted a non-smoker status if you choose snifting or chewing tobacco, vape, e-cigarette, etc.

Even marijuana can have no significant influence on life insurance providers’ decisions as tobacco cigarettes. And if you are an occasional smoker, which means you can rarely smoke a cigarette for fun or relax, life insurance agents can classify you as a non-smoker. But it doesn’t mean that all companies will be equal in their decisions. 

What Are the Conditions When You Recently Quit Smoking?

Once again, you are considered a smoker until 12 months pass. Even if you have already applied to the policy and quitted smoking at the same time or a bit later, that doesn’t mean that you won’t start again. But there are cases when life insurance companies can reconsider you health state and check the presence of nicotine in your body.

Of course, you need to take a medical exam then. Moreover, those who are trying to quit use substitutes to make the quitting process lighter. They use a patch or chewing gum that are considered by insurers as nicotine products. In any case, you have not to lie and be honest since misrepresentation can ruin your life insurance policy. 


No exam life insurance is a great solution for you if you have fears of doctors or needles, or maybe, you are in a hurry and need an immediate policy. If you a smoker, life insurance without medical exams can also be the right choice. Keep in mind that the premiums when it comes to life insurance for smokers are doubled compared to a non-smoker rate. However, there are other factors that can considerably affect the insurer’s decision to make a verdict: whether it’s positive or negative.


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