Norway: One of the Safest Countries to Visit this Summer

Norway is a country full of beautiful things to see, from its old-world style villages to its landmarks, to its fjords, mountains, and waterfalls. In addition to its beauty, Norway is also one of the safest countries to visit. But especially this summer with its low Coronavirus rates, making it the ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, and families. This great destination also is easy to get around via car, train or ferry! 

The native language in Norway is Norwegian and it’s helpful to know a few words and phrases to help you communicate with the locals. For example, before leaving for your trip you could learn Norwegian by using a language app like Babbel, which has a fun interactive interface and makes learning quite easy.

When you’re creating your itinerary, don’t forget to add these ideas, attractions, and cities to your list.

Drive the Atlanterhavsveien

Also known as The Atlantic Road, the Atlanterhavsveien connects mainland Norway with the island of Averoya. It’s the ideal way to spend a day leisurely driving through the country and seeing all of the best places. Along the way is Kvernes Stave Church, which has 600 years of history to its name. Make sure you take time to see Storseisundet Bridge too.


Reine is a tiny village that many visitors call perfect due to its location snuggled in between two mountains. Located on the island of Moskenesoya, this is a premier place to see the Northern Lights. You’ll also enjoy Bunes Beach, which is especially beautiful at night. You can search for the cutest cottages around and call it home for a few days to explore the area easier! 

safest countries to visit


With the second largest population in Norway, Bergen was once a major trading city. You’ll see the iconic wooden houses along the old port of Bryygen and can take a funicular ride up Fløibanen, one of the seven mountains around the town. Haggle for fresh fish in the market or see them in their natural habitat in the Bergen aquarium. This city is known for its traditional Nordic beauty, unlike anything else you may have ever seen. Now is a great time to visit, as before this tiny city was full of cruise ships or chartered boats, while now it’s a bit more empty. 


Oslo is the capital of Norway and is filled with exciting things to see and do. It’s a fantastic place for couples and families and every aspect of Norwegian culture is represented in the city. Oslo is packed with museums and interesting architecture like the City Hall. See the sculptures in Vigeland Park, stroll along the Akerselva River, visit the mountains, and eat in the Food Hall. Explore the city’s fjords when it’s warm outside or enjoy snow sports during the winter.

safest countries to visit


As the oldest town with wooden buildings in Europe, Roros is not to be missed. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts Femundsmarka National Park and Rogen Lake. Both of which are lovely places to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Even if you don’t typically like nature and don’t think you’d enjoy a trip to Norway, you might be surprised that the beautiful scenery is something you actually end up loving more than you expect. And when you’re not taking in the beauty of Norway, you can enjoy its history, culture, and dining scene. 

Take advantage of this time where most destinations may be less crowded than usual to enjoy the true culture. Norway is one of the most beautiful and safest countries to visit. Yet it’s one of the undiscovered countries in Europe and sometimes doesn’t get the credit it deserves. With your family or friends, take the time to explore this diverse Scandinavian culture. 

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