How To Improve the Appearance of Your Nose Without Surgery

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Until recently, people with a deformed nose had to set aside large amounts of money for cosmetic surgeries. These procedures are risky and involve a lot of downtime. Fortunately, people with misshapen noses can now go for non-invasive options. Dermal fillers that were previously used to fill sunken areas of the face are now used to fix nose deformations and the appearance of your nose.

Of course, not all situations concerning the appearance of your nose can be handled by a non-surgical procedure. This option is only available to people with minor nose deformations. Usually, these are people who have experienced accidents or injuries that affected the shape of their noses. It is important to note that these fillers are not meant to change the size of the nose.

Who Should Go For a Non-Invasive Nose Job?

These problems can be fixed with a simple non-invasive nose job:

  • Bumps on the nose bridge
  • A misshapen nose tip
  • Complications in the internal nasal structures. The procedure can help to reduce breathing problems.
  • Depressions and dents in the nose

The procedure cannot correct large noses or those with large humps. Also, people with significantly asymmetrical noses will have to go for surgeries. Non-invasive procedures will also not reduce the tip of the nose. If you have a medical condition that will affect the injectable, you will also not be able to go through the procedure.

People who want permanent results will have to go for the surgery since the non-invasive procedure only lasts for a short period.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Nose Jobs?

Non-invasive nose jobs are not exactly meant to be alternatives to the surgical procedures since certain cases can only be corrected with surgery. That said, non-surgical nose jobs have many advantages. Here are some key benefits of the procedure:

  • It can be completed in 30 minutes or less
  • It involves minimal risks
  • It is much cheaper than an actual surgery
  • There is no downtime, meaning you don’t need to take any time off work
  • Sometimes, the procedure can be reversed. In case you are unsatisfied with the results, this can be a major advantage.

Like other dermal fillers, non-invasive nose jobs don’t last for long. You can expect your nose to get back to its normal state within three years. The results last slightly longer than other dermal filler procedures since the nose has minimal blood flow and moves much less.

The type of filler used will determine the longevity of the results. Some fillers can only last for three months while others can go for years before being reabsorbed into the body. Bellafill is one of the long-lasting fillers. With this specific filler, you will have to go for three separate sessions to see the final results.

Since the results are temporary, you can use the procedure to determine whether you would want a permanent surgery.

Although non-invasive nose jobs are cheaper than surgical procedures, they need to be redone every 9 to 15 months. This can raise the total cost of the procedure significantly.

What Does a Non-Invasive Nose Job Entail?

In a non-invasive nose job, your doctor will simply fill the sunken areas of your nose with Botox or the filler material they choose to use. This helps to create a balanced look on your nose. Usually, the procedure makes your nose appear smaller because of the improved symmetry.

The doctor will start by assessing the appearance of your nose to determine the appropriate places for the injections. The selected sites will be cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial agents. This is meant to prevent infections. They will then use a local anaesthetic or an ointment to numb the target area. Once the anaesthetic takes effect, the doctor will inject the filler material to your nose in the chosen points. The injections may not be painless, but the discomfort can be tolerated easily.

After injecting a specific site, the doctor will massage the skin and inspect the area. If necessary, more filler material will be added. This will go on till the results are satisfactory. Usually, the patient will need a maximum of six injections.

To hide bumps on the nose, the doctor will try to add filler material to the area surrounding the bumps. This helps to make the nose appear even and balanced. A droopy tip is lifted easily with the material. For people with crooked noses, the filler will help to smoothen sharp edges.

Non-invasive procedures cannot reduce the size of the nose or fix those with serious deformations. However, if the nose appears large because of scar tissue, the doctor can inject a steroid to shrink it. This is a very delicate procedure since the scar tissue will be dissolved completely.

Side Effects of Non-Invasive Nose Jobs

These procedures are very safe, especially if performed by a certified and experienced doctor. However, it might leave some bruises on the nose. These can be concealed with makeup easily. The procedure can also leave your nose with some redness and tenderness.

In rare cases, you might end up with dead skin that originates from the blockage of blood vessels. Other skin problems can also result from this procedure. To reduce your exposure to risk, you should get your nose job done by a qualified doctor. It is possible for you to end up with an unsatisfactory outcome, so you should manage your expectations regarding the procedure.

If you have nasal deformations, you can choose to go for cosmetic surgery or a non-invasive procedure to deal with the appearance of your nose. Not all situations can be handled with a non-invasive surgery. It is mainly meant for less pronounced dents, depressions, and bumps. The procedure comes with lots of benefits, the most significant being reduced pain and downtime. Initially, it will cost a lot less than actual surgery.

Dr Schoenfeld carries out cosmetic procedures around Maryland and Washington DC. He has been noted to be one of the best surgeons in the country by several publications. The doctor also serves on the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. You can contact him for surgical and non-surgical nose jobs.


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