Organizational Tips For Even The Smallest Dressing Table

Organizational Tips For Even The Smallest Dressing Table

My journey towards achieving more with less is constantly evolving. Trying to make it with less money, less clutter, and less possessions is a never ending game and challenge, but one that can be easily achieved. One of the dilemmas that I am currently resolving bit by bit finding a way to follow organizational tips for my small dressing table.

My dressing table/desk is nestled in a corner of my bedroom next to a wardrobe. It sounds weird, but it works. The wardrobe is a storage one and as it has full length mirrors on both doors it helps reflect the light in my tiny bedroom. I haven’t been working from home now for months, and the dressing table has gone from clean and transitional space to catch all for hair tools, makeup, skincare products, etc. Not a pretty sight.

Look Up

One of the best uses of space is to look up, and think vertically. If you are the owner of some wall space then by all means put it to good use! I’ve recently fallen in love with more natural materials and this cute little Umbra cascade photo display. is so cute! I was sent this shelf from Red Candy, which is a truly fantastic online shop for all things cute and quirky. I have a massive wishlist of Red Candy items! With a tagline of “shut up, beige!” what’s not to love. There’s also beige items too, so don’t fret.

Don’t let the size fool you, it may be compact, but this little shelf can easily take on my most used skincare items and a mini cactus. I love this for my current space, but love the versatility – it could work in a hallway, a bathroom, or any other room in the house. You can display personal photos and swap them out often, or just use it to keep memo notes or other paperwork that needs to be easily visible and accessible. It was easy to get it on the wall, but the issues I am having now is that it’s not staying straight and sloping down a bit. I’ve gotta sort out how to resolve that, but that’s probably just down to me, not the shelf.

Think Clear

If you only have a small area to call your dressing table then opt for using clear acrylic containers. There are so many types and price ranges that it truly depends on your preference. I picked this one up at TKMaxx 2 years ago and it’s both pretty and practical. From acrylic containers that serve a specific purpose – eye shadow acrylic containers, acrylic containers for sunglasses, or multipurpose acrylic makeup organisers, there is always an option to suit your space. I only keep my most used items in my acrylic organiser – dry shampoo, a couple of bronzers and palettes, lippies, my most used jewelry items, and beauty blenders.

Re-purpose Items

I’ve been using this adorable teacup for my makeup brushes for over a year now, and I love how cute it looks on my dressing table. It’s compact and fits all of my brushes. I like to re-purpose cute mugs, pretty candle jars, vases, tumblers, and all sorts of cute things. I have my cotton swabs, hair grips, and other cute bits and bobs in clear glass jars and I’ve had lots of compliments on how nice it looks.

There you have it, if you’re looking for ways to maximise your space there storage ideas abound and you can pop on over to my Pinterest to find more. I’m seriously obsessed with this topic, so it won’t disappoint. What are your favourite organizational tips for a small dressing table?

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