Our Stay at Premier Inn Central | Preston, Lancanshire

Whether you are a weekend traveler and love spontaneous
weekends away, or a business traveler finding the best budget hotels is always
on any travelers mind. In our case we are both, and I’m not ashamed to say that
when searching for a hotel for any of our quick trips we mostly search based on
the deals for the week. If you’re a long term follower of the blog, you might
have known that we do quite a bit of business travelling. We started our business
trips through the UK in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and now are in the North West of
England. Lancanshire is the area that we are currently exploring, and Preston
is the first town in the area we have stayed in.
Today I’m not bringing you a 5 star hotel with a spa, or
even a 4 star hotel with amazing views. What I am bringing you though, is the
convenience of a 3 star hotel situated right in the town centre, and the
comfort only a Premier Inn bed can bring. Sure, you might be thinking that once
you stay or see a Premier Inn you’ve seen them all. In some cases that can be
true, but when it comes to hotels it can sometimes be like real estate, as they
say – “location, location, location”.

Situated right in the town centre and within walking
distance from shopping, and restaurants the Premier Inn Central in Preston was
the best place to go to  meet our needs
for the week. As with all of our booking, we booked online and assumed that we
would walk into a lobby and be greeted by eager and happy staff. This is where
this hotel varies quite a bit from others I’ve seen. If you’re looking for a
big welcoming foyer, you won’t be getting that at this Premier Inn. What you
will be greeted with are these handy dandy self check-in machines.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to snap a photo so am using one from the Premier
Inn website. I don’t always trust machines – 1, the thought of people losing
their jobs to machines makes me sick (I’m not saying that’s the case here), and
2, they tend to be glitchy little things. In this case the machine was
efficient, saved time, and even dispensed our card keys! There was a staff
member around ensuring that the machine properly did its thing, but her
intervention wasn’t necessary.
One of the things that truly makes any hotel stay memorable,
or even pleasurable is the staff. On this occasion we dealt with staff only
when we had someone oversee the self check in, and when I checked out. That
makes for a total of about 3 minutes, max. I can’t comment on the staff though
in past experiences they are quite professional and can be nice.
Once we got up to our room I was pleasantly surprised to see
everything was clean and didn’t have a certain stale smell that seems to be the
trademark of another hotel chain that I might just write about on another
occasion. The place was clean, smelled clean, and was exceptionally quiet for a
town centre location. As you might imagine, when you find a town centre
location parking tends to be an issue. In this case there is offsite parking a
short walk away for £8 a day (24 hr. period) and you are close to public
transportation, including the train station.

I will definitely continue using the Premier Inn, and as far
as this location goes Premier Inn Preston Central is worth staying in if you
come to the area for work, shopping, or even as a pit stop on your way to
another location. 
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