How Outdoor Buildings Can Make Your Dream Garden a Reality

We finally have a proper Great British Summer on our hands! Isn’t it glorious?! With so much sunshine and heat, it’s understandable that we are spending most of our time outside. We know better than to take it all for granted, despite the weather forecast, and need to seize the day by embracing the sun. One of the ways that we choose to do that is by opting for al fresco living in your dream garden.

So much time is spent in the garden and though we may focus on a garden table, chairs, and a barbecue as essentials have you considered that there are other bits – like outdoor buildings – that are equally as important? From summer houses to storage sheds here’s how outdoor buildings can make your dream garden a reality!

Summer house

A summer house isn’t just for the summer, it’s for life. Seriously though, if you have a garden that you work hard to maintain and want to enjoy, a summer house is the perfect investment. From a small building for 2 to a building big enough to house the entire family, a summer house can be your perfect garden retreat.

You can keep your summer house closer to your back door if you want. This helps it feel like an extension of your actual home and will prevent you from getting soaked during those rainy days. Another great option, however, is to choose the perfect corner garden summer house which will sit at the far corner of your garden. Sure, you may have to pop out with a brolly but it will be worth it once you’re there. Having your summer house at the back end of your garden will give you the feeling that you’re in a cottage in the woods or just allow you to detach from the day to day. Consider surrounding it by your favourite plants and flowers for a dreamy escape right in your back garden. 


When our little ones were even smaller we had a playhouse in the garden that they loved playing in. The playhouse was plastic and the garden was a pebbled mess. Oh, the woes of renting. Anyway, the girls across the street had a lovely wooden playhouse where all 4 girls played and even though our twins didn’t complain about not having what the girls across the road had, I wished that I could have given them the playhouse they deserved.

The girls are only 6 so there is still plenty of time for them to have the most beautiful of playhouses. A playhouse can house a desk are for them to do their homework or even be a sleepover haven. The best bit, in my opinion, is that all of those stuffed toys can now live outside the house and stop cluttering the bedroom!


If space is at a minimum then an arbour can be a much better option for your smaller garden. This garden alcove can protect you from the sun and can give you a place to sit and have your cuppa or even just a place to sit and watch the children play.

dream garden: wooden playhouse.

Pet Houses

Our pets are just as big a part of our families as the human members of it. Some of us have fur babies that are as beloved as human babies. Which is why a good pet house is also a great addition to your dream garden. If you have a bigger garden a rabbit hutch, chicken coop, or a dog house would be a nice touch to include.

Animal lovers always want their pets to have a comfortable environment so ensuring that your pet house is safe and secure is a must, and quite simple to achieve if you buy the right building from the right company.

Some pets, like chickens, need to be outdoors all of the time so a coop with ample ventilation, space, and separate areas can help keep your chickens happy and enjoying living in the great outdoors.

DIY or not

You can install and assemble yourself if you’re gifted on the DIY front. Or you can have one of the professionals install and assemble for you, as long as all the criteria for a safe installation are met – a level cement base is the most important. Everything else will depend on the building you are choosing – ie: rabbit hutch, summerhouse, etc.

Other good points to consider are:

  • Price Match – if you find any of the products at a lower price on any other UK website your price will be matched.
  • Returns – 14 day returns policy (for any reason) but T&C’s apply (item can’t have been painted, needs to be returned disassembled, etc)
  • Refund – 30-day refund policy

I truly wish I had a garden big enough to house each one of these buildings. Since I don’t though, I will keep dreaming about the perfect one. You can see more outdoor building ideas here on how one day make my dream garden a reality.

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